get started with the big green egg or the kamado joe 5 idea and tips

Imagine: a barbecue that allows you to accurately control the temperature to the degree, even when it’s freezing outside. A barbecue that always gives you the perfect garnish, whether you prepare meat, fish, vegetables, fruit or poultry. And also a barbecue that because of the use of ceramics will not break down over time.

It sounds nice but it really can! With a Kamadobar barbecue you get all these benefits in-house. For some time now, this type of barbecue has been a hit among the real barbecue experts. Well-known brands are the Big Green Egg, but also the Kamado Joe is doing well.


The Kamado is a native Japanese cooking tool that was used to steam rice. After World War II, the Kamado became known to the Western public via the US. Since the barbecue is made of ceramics it has become really popular. The Kamados are known for a number of great advantages:

  • The temperature is perfectly adjustable to the degree of tight
  • The barbecues insulate very well: even in winter you can barbecue
  • The barbecues are very durable. Big Green Egg even gives a lifetime warranty.


How to get even more out of your Kamado or Big Green Egg

Barbecuing with a Kamado barbecue is a feast in itself, but with our tips and ideas, barbecuing becomes a little more fun.

1 Make use of wood

Did you know that many types of meat and fish get even tastier when you put flavoured wood chips in your barbecue? With special wood chips and chunks with a certain moisture content, steam is released. Depending on what you have on the barbecue, you choose a certain type of wood. Birch and apple go well with chicken or pork. Oak does well with game and grape vines give a delicious taste to poultry. Want to know more? Read our special on wood!

2 Slow cooking

Because you can perfectly control the temperature with a Kamado, the barbecues are ideal for slow cooking. You can cook your dish at a lower temperature for a long time. This makes for deliciously tender meat. How about delicious pulled pork  or  spare ribs  that fall off the bone?

3 Cook safely!

It may sound strange, but when you think about it, it makes sense: barbecuing is where things like cross-contamination lurk. This is due to the warm weather, meat that is often outside and the fact that washing hands takes a little more effort than when you are just working in the kitchen. Especially for hygienic outdoor chefs we have a handy article with a few good tips to promote hygiene.

4 Try something different

We all know a nice skewer, spare ribs or a traditional bacon steak and for nothing are these real barbecue classics. However, if you want to surprise with your barbecue, you can also choose to put something special on the table. How about our crayfishpizza? Not only unique, but also delicious and you are guaranteed to make a good impression with all your guests!

5 Make use of the multifunctionality!

Some Kamados have the ability to create different temperature zones within the barbecue. This allows you to prepare different types of food at the same time that normally require different temperatures. The big advantage? You can prepare a complete meal at once and don’t have to walk away from the table for different dishes.

The fact that the barbecues are multifunctional also applies to the possible dishes. Even desserts  are among the possibilities

Get started with the Big Green Egg or the Kamado Joe (5 ideas & tips)

Especially for barbecue fanatics, Keukenvuur organizes a BBQ workshop using the Grill Dome of Big Green Egg. With this we go to work for 3 hours to put the tastiest soul food from Louisiana, the barbecue capital of the United States, on the table. If you want to perfect your barbecue skills, this is the perfect workshop for you!

On behalf of the entire team of Keukenvuur we wish you a lot of barbecue fun!


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