Gluten-free cooking workshop in Utrecht! A cooking workshop is fun to learn without cooking gluten or to ensure that participants with celiac disease can also participate without problems? There is an increasing demand for a gluten-free cooking workshop, with which we like to ensure that you can cook in a more healthy way, without using known allergens. More and more people are developing an intolerance to gluten, which makes it wise to look for gluten-free products during a gluten-free cooking workshop that you can use to put a meal on the table.

Gluten-free recipes

During the cooking workshop we of course use a number of gluten-free recipes, based on fresh ingredients with maximum nutritional value. Examples of this can include a parsnip puree or tomato soup, just like a blue cheese sauce or a Hollandaise sauce. Furthermore, during the cooking workshop we can work on a delicious ravioli, or we can make sure that we make glazed carrots together. Thanks to the large number of suitable ingredients and the delicious dishes we can make with them, there is plenty to vary during the gluten-free cooking workshop. This means that chances are you will discover new ingredients and recipes.

Healthier and without allergens

During this cooking workshop, we make sure that we do not use gluten, so you do not have to take this important allergen into account. Instead, you can put a delicious meal on the table without any worries, which everyone can enjoy. Of course, the gluten-free cooking workshop also ensures that you learn to cook in a more healthy way, with products for which no one has an intolerance. You will find that you can experience the flavours to the maximum and the cooking workshop leads to a more healthy approach in the kitchen, which will also benefit people without intolerance to gluten.

 Gluten-free cooking workshop in Utrecht |Organise a gluten-free cooking workshop?

Do you want to book the gluten-free cooking workshop so you can learn without cooking gluten or experience together how to provide a delicious meal? We organize the cooking workshop and ensure a suitable location. Of course we bring the fresh ingredients and provide an explanation about the origin and the preparation of them. We cook a delicious meal together, so that at the end of the gluten-free cooking workshop you have the opportunity to enjoy it together and talk about the pleasant afternoon or evening.



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