Healthy eating during a nice holiday is of great importance. Or diet contributes greatly to how we feel. By using the right ingredients and sticking to the normal patterns as much as possible, the holiday will go well; both literally and figuratively. It is also important to drink enough, especially in countries where we like to enjoy the sunny days.

Bringing healthy food

Eating on holiday is not always easy, especially on the road where there are few healthy ingredients available. It is therefore a good idea to make spring rolls and veggie sushi for example. In addition, wraps and sweet potato fries with a salad are a good choice. Other healthy choices for holidays include fruit, salads, nuts and pre-sliced raw food, as well as a few slices of banana bread or some sesame cookies. In this respect, there are several possibilities for eating healthy on holiday, although a good preparation is also important.

Getting good preparation

A good preparation can take different forms, for example it is a good idea to put a list of ingredients in a row and make a translation in the language of the country where the trip goes. In addition, it is possible to use menus to check which restaurants use fresh and healthy ingredients. By taking notes of both the translated ingredients and any available addresses, it is a lot easier to (stay healthy) eating once on holiday.

Normal patterns and plenty of drinking

Furthermore, it is especially important for healthy eating on holiday to keep the normal pattern as much as possible. This gives peace and overview, it ensures that it is clear when which meal can take place and which foods and substances are important. In any case, always try to drink enough, which contributes in a powerful way to healthy eating on holiday.


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