Herring season kicks off 15 june. Herring season is coming up again, on 15 June will be the start of the traditional auction to be auctioned in Scheveningen. It is traditionally a special moment in the year, when we can enjoy the new Dutch pegs. Every year, the organization chooses a charity that can count on the proceeds of the auction. This year the proceeds will go to the foundation The Forgotten Child. In this way, the opening of the herring season will give us a fresh Dutch New and the foundation can count on a fine financial contribution.

Traditional auction opens on 15 June in Scheveningen

The herring trade chooses to announce annually for the auction of the first Dutch New Grand and preferably to attach a good cause to it. In this way, a lot of attention will be paid to the event in Scheveningen and it will be very clear for the whole of the Netherlands when the new herring season will start again. In Germany, the herring season also kicks off in Hamburg on 15 June, allowing us to eat the delicious fish across the border.

The event itself will take place on 14 June, a day later the herring season is officially opened and we have the opportunity to enjoy it throughout the Netherlands. There will be all kinds of herring parties, such as Flag Day Scheveningen on 18 June. It shows how we enjoy the herring season on a large scale, the fish we like to eat in the Netherlands. The Netherlands Fish Agency has especially chosen the Foundation Het Vergeten Kind to allow the ‘sense of companionship’ for children to increase in shelters and to be able to emphasize the importance of a healthy food in a fun way.

Herring season kicks off 15 June with traditional auction

The proceeds of the auction will go to charity, so the foundation can count on an attractive financial contribution. The yield can go up considerably, because the opening of the herring season traditionally leads to different buyers bidding up against each other in order to get their hands on the first keg. The Foundation De Vergeten Kind wants to ensure that the children can eat healthier in the various shelters. The cooking facilities often leave a lot to be desired. The start of the herring season should change that and thus ensure that they too can enjoy a delicious Dutch New.


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