How Much do You Know About Mexican Food? How About its Wine?

Mexico and it’s vibrant culinary repertoire

Mexico is a fascinating country. Its deep roots go back the first American civilisations, and the merger with European cultures has created something unique — that’s Mexico. There’s no better way of getting to know a country than through its food, and for Mexico, that’s quite a diverse cuisine brimming with colour, textures, and flavour!

If you want to experience the vibrant Mexican cuisine, don’t miss out on KEUKENvuur cooking workshops in Utrecht, Netherlands. Mexican food in the Netherlands has never been so interactive! Here’s what you need to know about Mexican wine and food.

Mexico, Land of Vines

Mexico is the 29th largest wine producing country in the world, and its most significant vineyards are found in the vast country’s northern territory, in Baja, not far from the illustrious Californian vineyards up north.

Here, the proximity to the Pacific Ocean creates an ideal climate to grow grapes and olives in an authentic Mediterranean climate. The dry soils and the sun-drenched vineyards are just half the story. Dozens of small-batch, dedicated family-owned wineries make astounding wine from a wide range of grapes, from Sangiovese to Nebbiolo and from Cabernet and Chardonnay.

Casa Madero, the oldest winery in America, was founded in 1597 and goes back to the very first Spanish immigrants, making Mexico the cradle of American winemaking, but many other wineries have similarly old roots. There’s history here, but producers have their sight on the future. Slowly but surely, wineries like Casa Madero, Santo Tomás, L.A. Cetto, and many others are not only winning Mexican’s hearts, but they’re finding success abroad.

How does Mexican wine taste like?

With state-of-the-art wineries and highly skilled winemakers, Mexican wine is of the highest quality, and it offers a unique take on the arm terroir. The wine is fruit-forward and shows a vibrant alcoholic warmth. Reds are full-bodied and lush, and whites are fragrant and bold. These are not shy wines, and their fiery personality is the perfect partner for the country’s colourful food.

Mexico’s Vast Food Repertoire

The best way of enjoying Mexican food is cooking it, so if you’re around Utrecht, Netherlands, don’t miss out on the most authentic Mexican food workshop in the Netherlands — KEUKENvuur.

Mexican food is more than tacos. Sure, tortillas are the cornerstone from which people craft extraordinary dishes, but the real treasure behind Mexican cooking is its ingredients. Tomatoes, beans, hot peppers, and corn, along with dozens of cooking herbs and sweet delicacies like chocolate and vanilla, are amongst a myriad of local ingredients native to the country.

Of Salsas and Tacos

Although not all Mexican food is spicy, there are over forty types of hot peppers in the country, from mild jalapeno peppers to the fiery habanero, and they all play unique roles in the kitchen. Together with green and red tomatoes, cilantro leaves, onions and garlic, Mexican hot peppers become dozens if not hundreds of different salsas to give flavour to soups, stews, and of course, tacos.

Talking about tacos, there’s not one taco in Mexico, but many. Anything served over a tortilla is an instant taco, from scrambled eggs to grilled octopus. That means you can enjoy a different taco daily for a year without having to repeat, and that’s just everyday cooking in the country!

Explore Mexico Through Your Senses and cooking

Now that you know what Mexican food is about, experience Mexican cooking it in a unique culinary experience. Mexican food in the Netherlands is better enjoyed at KEUKENvuur. You’ll find hands-on cooking classes in Utrecht, where you’ll discover you have what it takes to cook Mexico’s specialities like a local.

The Netherlands welcomes Mexican food and invites you to be part of the celebration. Professional chefs bring you the world’s flavours with delicious and honest food. This is not just a meal, though; you’re part of it, so put on your apron and join the Fiesta at KEUKENvuur!

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