A chef at home has many advantages. How about not having to go to a restaurant and just enjoy dinner at home. That way, if you have kids, you don’t have to arrange a babysitter. Looking for a parking space for a car is a breeze. You don’t have to agree on who the PDO is!  And also nice: you can decide with how much and with whom you sit down in this corona period.

There are several possibilities to book a cook at home. We’ll list the most important ones for you.

Chef at home based on an hourly rate and purchase

This option seems to be the most advantageous, just how much time will the chef spend making your dishes? Discuss this carefully before you make the booking, so you won’t have an (extra) hangover at the end of dinner. Therefore, make it clear what the purchase price may be and what it must meet.

Chef at home with a fixed rate everything in one package

This option will generally be more expensive than someone with an hourly rate. But you’ll be ready. If you would book with us, for example, we would take everything but a tablecloth, if you would like a tablecloth on the table.  So you can continue until the late hours after we are gone.


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If you do want to arrange your own home dinner, we have a few tips:

Glass Cutlery Plates
Wine glasses Small knife and fork (starter) Different per dish

Water glasses


Long drink glasses

Large knife and fork (head dish)  
  Small spoon and fork (dessert)  

Menu, how should it actually be and decoration for the table

Look at pintrest where you can get all kinds of creative ideas

You can also choose to have the chef take care of this, actually the best option but why? I’m sure you’ve seen a cooking show on TV where the contestants pick out the best plate for their dish.  That’s how a professional chef works! He thinks in advance how the dish can best be presented (the eye also wants something). It would be a shame if the crockery does not match the dish! And let’s face it the chef wants to have as much fun with the evening as the one he cooks for.

The wines for a dinner at home

You can certainly organize the wines yourself for your dinner. But the chef almost always has a special wine  for a dish that is not so easy for private individuals to buy. And it’s actually like dinner: why not try something different and let yourself be surprised!

Hire a chef at home ( Eating out at home)

Also pay attention to who you hire with. It often happens that we get phone calls or we can’t come by ad hoc because the cook has called off or is no longer reachable. With us you make clear agreements that we keep!

If you would rather get started after reading this article, you can try these delicious recipes.

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