If you apply these 3 cooking tips, you’ll soon be cooking like a chef

Cooking Tip 1 Perfect Pasta

Cooking tip number 1 is about pasta. The ingredient that is as popular as rice or our own Dutch potato is not difficult to prepare. However, many people do not manage to get the pasta as they wish, or there is more happiness than wisdom involved. That’s a shame, because the delicious dishes that can be made with pasta only really get delicious when your pasta has succeeded.

This cooking tip starts with a good preparation. Put a pan with water, 1 liter of water per 100 grams of pasta. This seems like a lot, but it prevents the pasta from sticking and also ensures that the pasta is cooked nicely evenly.

Only when the water boils do you put the pasta in the pan. Don’t forget to put some salt in the water, it will make your pasta much tastier. The next challenge is to get the pasta cooked perfectly. As for cooking time, we have an important tip: check the packaging! Most people like al dente best, which means that the pasta is cooked, but still firm. How do you know when your pasta is cooked? No. Not by throwing the pasta against the wall. You’d much better fish and taste a piece of pasta from the pan. Is your pasta ready? Then drain it and serve it as soon as possible to prevent too long after yarn.

Cooking tip 2 How to poach an egg

How can you poach an egg? Make a whirlpool in the water before you pour the egg in? Pour some vinegar into your pan? Create the perfect temperature with a thermometer? There are many tips to be found, but often the poached egg still fails.

To begin with, the basic conditions:

  • Make sure the water is boiled
  • Make sure you have a super-fresh egg

Of course, there are some ways to make sure that your chances of a well poached egg increase. For example, you can increase the chances of a well poached egg by:

  • Pour the egg first into a small bowl and from there drop into the water
  • Make a whirlpool in the water before pouring the egg into it
  • Vinegar in the water (unfortunately your egg tastes a bit like vinegar afterwards)

However, there is also a trick with which you can poach an egg perfectly:

  • Grab some plastic wrap and rub it in with olive oil
  • Line a bowl with the foil and pour in the egg
  • Make a bag with a button and put the bag in the pan
  • Let the bag sit in the pan for about 4 minutes
  • Take out the bag and cut it just under the button
  • Your perfectly poached egg is now ready. Enjoy your meal!

This video  also shows the trick:

If you apply these 3 cooking tips |Cooking tip 3 Onion

Onion is one of the tastiest and cheapest tastemakers we know and is used in almost every kitchen. But how do you cut the perfect onion? Of course, it depends a bit on whether you want onion rings, or chopped onions.

Let’s start with the shredded outings:

  • Cut top with peel and all of the onion
  • Cut the onion in half and remove the skin from the onion
  • Cut the onion from above
  • Cut the onion in from the side
  • Chop the onion

It seems like a lot of steps, but it’s very simple Click on this instructional video  and then you’ll see how it works:

The difference between chopping an onion and cutting an onion into rings is the difference in cutting. When you want to cut onion rings, you leave it cutting from above and from the side. Sometimes the rings stick together a little bit, but once in the pan you stir them easily.

Learn to cook like a chef?

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