Italian cooking class

Italian cuisine cooking class. Would you like to learn how to cook Italian under the guidance of a professional chef? We combine our professional cooking studio with the freshest Italian ingredients, to work together on delicious pasta, a special pesto, a risotto or a panna cotta that even the Italians would love.

We will work with flour, eggs and oil, as the main ingredients in Italian cuisine. Together we make special Italian dishes, for a culinary journey to this beautiful part of Europe that we all love. It is the best way to learn to cook Italian, just with us in Utrecht.

Tip: enjoy a delicious Italian wine while cooking? The wines and other drinks are simply included during our workshops. We provide a complete package, which makes it seem as if you are in the most beautiful parts of Italy.

Workshop Italian cuisine cooking class

During the workshop we will cook on the basis of different dishes.

We work with fresh ingredients, which form the basis for the typical Italian dinner as you probably know it. We ensure that you can get to know Italian cuisine even better, including the particularly rich stories that tell its history.

Would you like to learn how to cook from a professional chef and do you love Italian? Learn how to cook Italian and from now on, taste the freshness of the ingredients in all the delicious dishes available.  We let you taste how a real Italian cooks, so that from now on you can easily do it even at home.

Would you like to learn how to cook Italian or do you have any other questions? Call us on telephone number 030 73 700 51, send an email to or use the online contact form.