Salt is a popular seasoning. But unfortunately also more and more often a cause of diseases and adverse health effects. With no less than 5 major health risks, the Nutrition Centre lists various disadvantages of salt and sodium, making cooking with less salt a wish of many.

How can you handle that yourself? There are several herbs available that are just as good as a powerful flavouring. Without the adverse effects of salt. To cook saltless, or at least with less salt. With maximum taste for a delicious dish, but without the important risks to our health.

More than 80% of the Dutch population eats too much salt. The Nutrition Centre recommends using up to 6 grams per day, while half of adults between the age of 19 and 70 use about 37% too much salt daily. This leads to various health risks, such as increased blood pressure, kidney disease and increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Good cooking with less salt

Fortunately, there is something to be done about it, as the book Spice Wise  describes very well. The book helps to add beautiful spice mixtures to dishes at the right time. To make something everyday something unforgettable, without using salt.

The spice mixtures are 100% natural and completely free of salt. The powerful flavours in the herbs make the use of salt unnecessary, which makes it possible to leave that completely behind during cooking.

The book was written by Master Chef Michel Hanssen, who has been working hard for saltless cooking for some time. He describes step by step how you can make a magical spice mix and how you can then apply it in starters, main and desserts.

Book as part of the workshop

At Keukenvuur we like to contribute to the development to cook with less salt or even to do so completely saltless. That’s why we use michel Hanssen’s book Spice Wise during the workshop. We use the book to learn how to make the spice mixtures ourselves and to cook them immediately in the various tasteful dishes. That way you can get the hang of saltless cooking, under the guidance of a professional chef.

Workshop cooking with less salt

During the workshop to cook with less salt we get started with the handy tips in the book. So that you can learn to cook saltless step by step, without meaning that the taste has to be lost. We make sure that everyone is clear about what we are working on in small or larger groups during the cooking workshops.  In addition, we offer a number of other important advantages, to master cooking without salt:

  • Cooking workshop under the guidance of a chef
  • Preparation with 100% fresh ingredients
  • Cooking in a professional and atmospheric cooking studio

During the workshop to cook with less salt we explain about the risks of salt and immediately present the right alternative. To cook with special spice mixtures, which enhance the flavors of fresh ingredients.

Without the use of salt, to discover the saltless cooking. To amaze you about the delicious flavours we can prepare and step by step explain how you can best add the herbs to the dishes.

Enthusiastic about our cooking workshops

The cooking workshops we organize are tailored to the size of the group, the level of the participants and of course specific preferences within the organization. In this way, we manage to gather extremely satisfied responses.   Both for the workshop cooking with less salt and for the other workshops we organize:

  • “More than amazing! Together with 12 friends warmly received for a cooking workshop and then worked together to prepare delicious dishes.”  Renata Bodok.
  • “Pure & fresh produce […]! The communication in advance & afterwards was also very pleasant. We had a very pleasant evening and I would definitely recommend everyone to follow a workshop here or book if you like cooking!”  Marieke Fengers.

During the workshop we use the useful tips from the book to cook saltless. In addition, we provide professional guidance by an experienced chef, who will teach you the intricacies of the profession. To put a delicious meal on the table without salt and at the same time to make cooking even more fun, faster and easier.

Excited about a cooking workshop to cook without salt or know more about how we can organize this? Contact   us and we’ll be happy to tell you more about it.


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