Jams and preserves come in all kinds of flavours, but it is always a mixture of pulp and/or mush, in combination with sugar and water. The pulp or mush comes from one of the fruits, which ensures that the jams and jams have a pleasant fresh taste. It is a learned mixture, so that we can spread this on our bread, for example, or we can enjoy it in combination with pancakes. We also use jams and jams a lot in cakes, because of the predominantly sweet taste of them.

Guidelines from the Department of Health

The Goods Act makes some demands on jams and jams. For example, there must be 350 grams of fruit pulp per kilogram of the final product, to be allowed to call it jam. At the moment when 450 grams of fruit pulp is present per kilo, there is even ‘extra jam’ or ‘extra jam’. Please note that certain types of fruit are different, for example when the taste is a lot more pronounced. The terms such as jelly and marmalade are also legally protected, which means that products have to meet various conditions.

Percentage of sugar in jams

Jams and jams should also contain a certain percentage of sugar, in order to be called. This ensures, among other things, that certain ‘light’ products within this category are no longer allowed to wear the name jam or jam. There is too little sugar in this, so the manufacturer has to speak of, for example, a fruit spread. In this respect, you can easily recognize jam and can also be sure that the product complies with the guidelines regarding both the amount of fruit pulp in the product, and for example the sugars present.

Jams and preserves come in all kinds of flavours

However, the difference between jam and jam is much smaller, since both terms represent the same product. In the Netherlands, however, we mainly speak of ‘jam’, whereas in Belgium we generally talk about a ‘jam’. Nevertheless, in both cases it is a product that has to meet the strict requirements and is therefore suitable, for example, in the form of siege. Of course you can also make your own jam or jam, for example with fruits that you have picked or bought and then get started. A delicious recipe for gooseberry chutney  can be found here.



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