Kamado Joe Grill Dome and the Big Green Egg: what are the differences Buy a new barbecue and curious about the differences between the top brands? For example, we know the Kamado Joe, the Grill Dome and the Big Green Egg. They are solid names for solid BBQs, but what are the differences? We put them in a row, so that it becomes clear what the different barbecues have to offer during grilling.

Kamado Joe

The Kamado Joe is a brick oven, pizza oven and BBQ in one. It’s a tough-looking device on wheels. This is a cast iron cart that is coated with a powder coating in, for example, a dark red colour. There are several models available, for example with handy side tables and a moving chassis.

Grill Dome

Grill Dome has several high-quality barbecues, including a small charcoal variant. It is a traditional barbecue that is equipped with a stainless steel air supply. The tyre, powerful spring and lid thermometer make it possible to put the ideal piece of meat on the table. On the other hand, there is a professional charcoal barbecue available that weighs a whopping 127 kilograms. It is a huge BBQ with a diameter of 60cm. This means that there is 56cm of cooking surface available. The Grill Dome Professional has a height of 89cm and is equipped with the best parts to prepare the best piece of meat.

Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg has its roots in Asia, the barbecue is based on a 3,000-year-old Asian clay oven. It’s about the Kamado, with which we can make a reference to the Kamado Joe which looks quite similar in a way. In the last century, the Americans stationed in Japan found out how tasty the dishes from this BBQ tasted. They decided to take the design to America and develop the Big Green Egg there.

The Kamado Joe, the Grill Dome and the Big Green Egg are among the best barbecues available. The Kamado Joe and the Big Green Egg have more or less the same design and are very similar in that respect. Grill Dome manages to create an extensive range of BBQs, from simple for home to a professional barbecue. With the different brands you make an excellent choice. With regard to the barbecue, it is especially important to prepare the meat well to season it, bring the barbecue to the right temperature and then grill the meat for the right time.


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