KEUKENvuur food trends Special – these are the food trends for 2019!

Another month and it’s December already. With the holidays just around the corner, it’s also time to look at 2019. Kitchen fire gives a glimpse into the future of cooking, dining and food lifestyle with 3 categories!

Food & Tech: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in the Kitchen!

Last year, people slowly but surely got acquainted with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). AR adds additional information to reality. VR creates a completely new reality. In 2019, we will see AR and VR increasingly reflected in the world of food, cooking and dining.

After all, food has to do not only with the things you taste, but also with the things you smell, feel, see and hear. VR and AR respond to this. How about:
A lovely fish while you see a beautiful beach through vr glasses and hear the sea? Dining in the rainforest, brunching on the glacier? Not too crazy!
With AR your environment can be enriched and one of the possible applications is AR as a help in the kitchen. AR shows you how to prepare something, how many ingredients you need or what the temperature of your ingredients is.
Ar is also a perfect technology to enrich your dining experience. While tasting wine, beer, cheeses or other delicacies, AR will give you information about the origin, classification and taste of what you eat or drink.

AR and VR are already used by innovative chefs and restaurants. How about eating a doughnut withoutgetting thecalories?

Food, Health & Lifestyle: eating healthier, eating less meat and cooking as medicine

Health will remain a hot item in 2019 and will be even more discussed. De Volkskrant has already written about irradiated mushrooms with vitamin D2. Cooking and eating are also increasingly seen as medicine: more and more studies show links between diet and certain diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. The vegetarian trend will continue in 2019. Expect more Vegan Fridays and meat substitutes.

Some other things we can expect in terms of nutrition and health for 2019:

Sales of superfoods continue to increase;
Food swaps remain popular. So expect more cauliflower bases for pizzas and dishes with broccoli rice;
Low-carbohydrate diets continue to do well. The Ketogenic diet and the Dash diet are very popular at the moment. Certain forms of fasting, such as Intermittent Fasting, are also increasing in prominence.

KEUKENvuur food trends Special – these are the food trends for 2019!

But the environment and sustainability will also play a bigger role. You can expect the following developments:
More alternative sources of food are used, such as insects and algae
Superlocal food is going to break through in 2019. Transport of food is one of the major culprits when it comes to environmental damage. The solution? Eat food that comes from the region! A dish in a restaurant is made with farmer’s ingredients around the corner, fish you eat on the coast and in winter you make a delicious mashed kale instead of a dish with green beans from Kenya.
Ingredients and animals that are not originally found in the Netherlands are increasingly grown and kept here. This year, for example, a Kingfish nursery was opened in Zeeland that grows a Dutch variant of the popular fish. Of course in purified water, with organic food and without antibiotics.

Cooking in 2019, what are you going to do?

New round. New opportunities. The year 2019 is not only an introduction to new food trends, but also an opportunity to develop your cooking skills. Do you already know which challenging dishes you are going to put on the table, or with which you will surprise your guests? In 2019, we would like to be your inspiration for recipes,  trends  and  cooking workshops!

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