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America Hawaii cooking class

During the Hawaiian cooking class we will discuss the delicious cuisines that this American island has to offer. It is a combination of the cuisines of England, Japan and Polynesia. Important ingredients in many of the dishes are agricultural products, in addition to, for example, sea animals, pasta and beef.
Many local restaurants serve rice and noodles, something that many people discover on their honeymoon. A large number of Asians live in Hawaii, which means that various influences from those cuisines can be found.
The white Americans especially enjoy the Hawaii burgers, which are burgers with herbs, vegetables, sea animals and of course nice gravy. A super fun workshop this America Hawaii cooking class workshop.

Cooking workshop and honeymoon to America Hawaii

Did you recently go on a honeymoon to Hawaii and would you also like to introduce friends and acquaintances to the delicious cuisine of this island, or are you still traveling and looking for the ideal preparation?
The rich Hawaiian cuisine makes it possible to put together a special cooking workshop. We are happy to ensure that you can taste both the Chinese influences on Hawaii and, for example, the famous milk from coconuts. The mix of different styles ensures that the America Hawaii cooking workshop is put together in a sometimes almost inimitable way.

Hawaii cuisine

In any case, the kitchen from Hawaii provides soup as a starter, the locals love that. It is especially the thick Spanish soups and the soups with noodles that do very well. As a main course, many residents of Hawaii enjoy a stew, something that we can enjoy during the Hawaii cooking workshop. In addition, within the Hawaiian cooking workshop we work with ingredients such as tuna, marlin, swordfish and mackerel, for example. In addition, the dishes from the local Hawaiian cuisine often include sweet potatoes, bread, fruits, nuts and taro. Especially within the desserts they should hardly be missing. The Hawaiian cooking workshop provides a unique insight into the kitchen of Hawaii.

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