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Cooking without salt workshop

It is said “you’ve never eaten it that salty”. And that may also be true when you see how much salt is in our daily diet. 80% of the salt (sodium) that we consume every day comes from table salt that manufacturers add to bread, ready-made products, meat, meat products and cheese. We add the other 20% ourselves when preparing dishes. Follow a cooking without salt workshop to learn more!

that way you get on average twice as much salt per day than what your body can absorb. Not healthy development. Learn about cooking without salt. During the cooking workshop you will get an idea of ​​what herbs and spices can do in your dishes so that you can leave the salt on the far left. And you also make a delicious dish!

Written by Michel Hanssen, it is about the use of herbs and spice mixtures in cooking. Furthermore, the book (cooking without salt) is full of tips and wonderful recipes to combine endlessly. The recipes are all without salt and are therefore a source of inspiration to use every day.
During this workshop we will cook a nice 3-course dinner from SpiceWice and after the workshop you will take the book home. This way you can make the most delicious and healthy dinners without salt after this workshop!

This special cooking workshop lasts 3 hours and includes (alcoholic) drinks. Do you have any questions or would you like a competitive quote?
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