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Costa Rica Cooking class

During the cooking class Costa Rica you will work with a number of culinary traditions, brought together from Africa, South-West Europe and China. In that respect, the cuisine of Costa Rica is a unique combination. This cooking workshop is a good choice if you would like to get to know the cuisine of Costa Rica better. Thanks to its location between two oceans, fish, shellfish and crustaceans cannot be missed. In addition, the kitchen of Costa Rica is known for the large amount of fresh fruits and vegetables.


Cooking workshop Costa Rica

The cooking workshop is an excellent preparation for, for example, a honeymoon to this beautiful country. If you have already traveled to this beautiful country, “gallopinto” is probably a well-known dish. It stands for “spotted rooster”, but strangely enough it consists of rice with beans. The dish is flavored with onion, coriander and Worcestershire sauce. The Costa Ricans eat the dish for a hearty breakfast and use a variety called “casados” for lunch. During the cooking workshop we will of course work with the local ingredients to create special dishes.

Costa Rican cuisine

In this kitchen you will also find a lot of chicken, just like pork and steak. You can also count on red and black beans in combination with rice. Also fried banana and lettuce or cabbage with tomato is often on the plate. Traditional dishes from Costa Rica include “arroz con pollo”, “barbudos” and “olla de carne”. These are respectively meat with chicken, an omelet with green beans and a meal soup with meat, banana and yucca. The dishes that we prepare during the Costa Rica cooking workshop together provide a delicious traditional meal.

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Including (alcoholic) drinks
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This cooking workshop takes approx 3 uur

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This cooking workshop now costs € 85 (incl VAT) per person.

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