The cooking class

Dutch cooking class

Do you know “bare bottoms out of the grass”, or do the Dutch classic  “hot lightning”? These are dishes from grandmother’s time, which we like to focus on during the Dutch cooking class.
So we are going to cook with dishes from long ago, which we can still enjoy today. We will of course give this a modern twist to keep the Dutch classics interesting for a wide audience.

Cooking workshop from the Dutch kitchen

The cooking workshop for Dutch cuisine ends with a delicious dinner, where you can enjoy the delicious dishes from our own kitchen in a nostalgic way.

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What do you get?

What do you get?

Including (alcoholic) drinks
price based on a minimum of 10 participants

How long does it take?

This cooking workshop takes approx 3 uur

What does it cost?

This cooking workshop now costs € 80 (incl VAT) per person.

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Do you find it difficult to choose?

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