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Filipino cooking class

Fancy a Filipino cooking class? With delicious dishes such as lechon, longanisa or tortas?
They are, respectively, a whole roast pig, a native sausage and egg warps. Three tasty dishes from the Filipino kitchen, very worthwhile during a workshop.Like many other dishes, with sandwiches, chicken and pork. Or with chunks of beef and spring rolls.Always with a wide variety, because the kitchen has influences from different parts of the world. That makes a Filipino cooking workshop a very interesting choice, to enjoy a special kitchen together.

Filipino cooking : wonderfully varied Influences from all over the world

The cuisine in the Philippines is very diverse, just like the population itself. Over the centuries, influences have passed from China and Malaysia, as well as from Spain and even a little from America and India. As a result, a multicultural kitchen has emerged, which makes it incredibly varied to cook with it. For example, enjoy dishes with fish and rice, such as in a paella or the cocidos.

Follow a Filipino workshop

Would you like to cook together during a Filipino cooking workshop?
We ensure that you can get started with the different dishes. By working on delicious dishes, based on special ingredients.
Which we do not know from the Dutch kitchen and which we do not easily encounter in the rest of Europe. And that are therefore very worthwhile, to cook in a different way than we would like.
Interested in a Filipino cooking workshop to get to know this special kitchen? Sign up for the workshop to cook Filipino.

Or contact us for more information. We are happy to tell you more about Filipino cuisine, as well as about the other cooking workshops that we can organize for you. You can always contact us without obligation for questions, reservations or advice.

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What do you get?

Including (alcoholic) drinks
price is based on a minimum of 10 participants

How long does it take?

This cooking workshop takes approx 3 uur

What does it cost?

This cooking workshop now costs € 85 (incl VAT) per person.

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