Portuguese cooking class

Follow a Portuguese cooking class in Utrecht.

Portugal a powerful cuisine where the influence of the sea and the use of spices can be easily found. In the cooking workshop Portuguese cooking we introduce you to the different dishes from this beautiful country.
Portuguese cuisine is known for the special combinations that you will not soon find in another country.

Think, for example, of a dish such as Lombo  de  Porco  com  Ameijos a dish of pork meat with crustaceans (really very tasty).

Pastel de Nata

The Portuguese also really sweet tooths  and love their regional specialties that often originate from the Catholic Church. That is why we are definitely finishing the cooking workshop Portuguese cooking with a Pastel de  nata!

What do you get?

Including (alcoholic) drinks
price is based on a minimum of 10 participants

How long does it take?

This cooking workshop takes approx 3 uur

What does it cost?

This cooking workshop now costs € 72,50 (incl VAT) per person.

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Do you find it difficult to choose?

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