The cooking class

Italian cooking class

Fancy an Italian cooking class in Utrecht? It’s a lot of people’s favorite cuisine, and we really understand why. During the cooking course we will work with deliciously fresh ingredients, which we would like to teach you how to cook well with.

We cook pastas, pestos, risottos and, for example, panna cotta, just like other typical Italian dishes that we all love. We do this with fresh and pure ingredients, such as flour, eggs and oil. That way you make the pasta yourself, just like the other Italian dishes.

In the meantime, we like to talk about the rich Italian cuisine, as a true grandmother would do there. And with the meal you enjoy together, we of course serve a good glass of Italian wine. In this way it is a very nice kitchen for a cooking class in Utrecht, for example with a group of friends or with the whole family.

Also for companies and bachelor parties

In addition, we often organize the Italian cooking class in Utrecht for companies and bachelor parties. Do you have something to celebrate with the department or with the whole company and are you looking for a fun and especially tasty activity? Then it is an excellent idea to come and cook Italian together. We take care of all the ingredients and the important cooking supplies, so that you can immediately get started with them.

We organize the cooking and of course also the dining, including delicious Italian wine that fits well with the ingredients we serve. That way it is a great experience for you, which is excellent for, for example, a bachelor party. Well suited to eat together, for example to go into the city afterwards to have a drink there.

And curious what we can organize besides the Italian cooking class in Utrecht? Workshops are available based on the different local cuisines, as well as based on a theme such as cooking class chocolate, cooking with beer or cooking with whisky. The kitchen has no secrets for us, both for dinner and when you want to work together on an unforgettable drink.

What do you get?

Including (alcoholic) drinks
price is based on a minimum of 10 participants

How long does it take?

This cooking workshop takes approx 3 uur

What does it cost?

This cooking workshop now costs € 75 (incl VAT) per person.

May we send you a no-obligation quote?

Do you have a question or would you like a tailor-made offer? Then use the contact form below or give us a call 030 7370051.

Do you find it difficult to choose?

No problem, we are happy to give you a hand

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