Lamb ears and other salty vegetables rich in nutritional value. Salty vegetables are known for their excellent nutritional values, they come from a transitional area of salt water to land. The salty vegetables such as lamb ears and samphire grow on the so-called salt marshes. The plants actively absorb salt and therefore get a salty taste. In addition, the salty vegetables absorb a lot of vitamins from the seawater in the area. Samphire and lamb ear are a good match for all kinds of dishes with fish, shellfish and crustaceans, just like lamb.

Cleaning and preparing lamb ears

Lamb ears can be cleaned easily, it is enough to wash it quickly in cold running water. When preparing it is not necessary to use salt, this is already enough in it. In any case, avoid samphire in a box of tap water, so it loses its typical taste. Samphire can be prepared by blanching it in plenty of boiling water for a few minutes. You can serve the samphire with a knob of butter and nutmeg to taste, it is also possible to stir fry the samphire with an outing or to incorporate it into a salad as a vegetable. Lamb soor as salty vegetable| Lamb ears samphire and other salty vegetables rich in nutritional value.

Lamb ears and other salty vegetables rich in nutritional value

Another well-known salty vegetable is lamsoor, which we also know as the sea aster. It grows naturally on the higher ahard marshes in Zeeland. Like samphire, the plant absorbs a lot of salt, creating a salty taste that many people appreciate. Lamsoor, like many other salty vegetables, is full of vitamins and therefore a rich source of nutrients. Samphire and lamb ear can be stored in the fridge for about 7 days, when you use it you can keep 100 – 150 grams per person as an appropriate quantity.

It is important to rinse lamb’s ear quickly in cold water and then lay them dry immediately. Tap water is fresh, while lamb ears are used to the salt water. They therefore can not cope well with the sweet composition, it is important to shake the excess washing water with a colander from the lamb ears.

For the preparation of lamb soor it is not necessary to use salt, it is enough to melt some butter in the pan and place the lamb ears in it. By smothering the vegetables with a lid on the pan for 5 minutes, it is deliciously cooked.  Avoid a lack of moisture and in the meantime stir the vegetables.

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