Learn to cook

Learn to cook. If you like to do some learning how to cook for example with herbs or typically culinary? Follow workshops under the guidance of our professional chef. With us in the cooking studio or in some cases at your location, depending on the workshop and the arrangement you are looking for. We teach you how to cook with fresh ingredients, or on the basis of a specific local cuisine that you love. And is it about a specific theme, such as cooking without salt or on the barbecue? Cooking is an art that is relatively easy to master by following a few important basic rules.

Tasty and culinary

Learning to cook well can be very culinary, but it is mainly about combining fine flavors. This can be done by learning how to cook with herbs, just like based on a certain local cuisine. For example, do you like Indonesian or Thai? We also cook with, for example, the African cuisine up to that of Costa Rica and Italy. With well-known and common ingredients or more special ones to take your culinary trip all over the world.

Come learn to cook with, for example, insects or specifically cooking as medicine, during the various workshops that we can organize. Our chef is at home in the various markets and can convey this to groups very well. You yourself get to work with the fresh ingredients, as well as the important cooking utensils that are available in our cooking studio. We show you how it works and what the most important steps are. From handy tips to the right approach we show the basics, to master cooking even better.

Learn to cook with herbs

Do you want to learn how to cook with herbs or do you want to be able to cook? These are typical questions that we regularly receive, and that we can happily help you with. For example during a workshop learn how to cook Italian, or according to specific wishes. Organize a bachelor party or company outing, as well as a fun workshop for cooking enthusiasts who would like to master it even better than they already have.

From Indonesian to herbs or specific culinary, come and learn how to cook in Utrecht like a professional chef does. Without any pressure and “must do”, but with the pleasure of getting started with fresh ingredients.  In a wonderfully and relaxed atmosphere in which we work together on fine dishes to enjoy together later. Come and learn how to cook and acquire new skills, which will also come in handy at home to be able to serve more particularly tasty dishes from now on.

Want to learn how to cook or do you have other questions?

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