Is your birthday coming up and do you like to make small snacks yourself? You could spend hours surfing the internet looking for fun dishes, but why not opt for an active cooking workshop for amuses? Come with your friends, family or friends to Utrecht, where we would like to help you at Keukenvuur to put delicious finger food on the table. Fingerfood is a huge trend in all walks of life, so make sure you can present the most beautiful snacks during your birthday, which will be hugely impressed by all guests. Learn to make small snacks and finger food for your birthday

Finger food for your birthday

Is your birthday coming up and do you feel like unpacking without having to cost a lot? With the cooking workshop for finger food at Keukenvuur, make sure that you can simply make the snacks yourself, so that you don’t have to order them from an expensive caterer. Instead, you’ll work with friends with the little snacks and the amuses that you’ve mastered. Practice the finger food under the eye of our professionals, so you can make your own birthday for a wonderful presentation

Learn to make small snacks and finger food for your birthday | Amuse cooking workshop

Use our cooking workshop for small bites, so you can offer delicious amuses that everyone likes to see appear. During a birthday, the well-known cubes of cheese and pieces of liver sausage really can’t do it anymore, make sure you make delicious amuses to surprise your guests with that. During the finger food cooking workshop we make sure you can master some delicious dishes. The finger food is easy to prepare, so you have all the time to make the most of your birthday and enjoy the snacks with your guests.



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