Impress all of your employees to company outings with cooking.  For new, exciting team outings that encourage genuine connection try one of our tailor-made cooking workshops at your next team or company meeting. Cooking and cooking workshops are the essential team-building experiences you and your team are looking for! Watercooler talk and office potlucks can only take you so far. So Level up your next company outing with a tailor-made cooking workshop

We have found that our cooking classes allow every employee to work together towards a common goal in a laid-back environment, which alone brings them closer together.

From cooking up classic dishes with our friendly staff of skilled professional chefs to learning delectable barbecue techniques on our Kamado Joe grill, these team-building activities urge your team to interact, challenge themselves, and develop memories they can bond over years to come.

Do you live in or around Utrecht? For over ten years, KEUKENvuur has been hosting workshops and cooking classes for companies of all sizes in Utrecht! If you are ready to book a tailor-made cooking class for your next company outing now, please contact us!

Company outing overview.

In this guide, we will review the basics of team building and why it is essential for every business, no matter the size. Then, we will discuss the benefits of cooking workshops for team building.

At KEUKENvuur, we have a variety of classes available for companies in the province of Utrecht. And, these classes can meet a multitude of needs depending on your team or business.

In our ten years of experience, we have received several important questions related to company outings with cooking from our beloved customers. In our frequently asked questions section, we review some of these inquiries to help you better understand our offerings and how they can support your business.

Whether you want to host a meeting and then cook or show up to cook in the kitchen and eat together, our facilities have everything you need to foster an unforgettable company outing.

What is Team Building, company outing and Why Does it Matter?

Team building is the process of engaging with a group of individual contributors (your employees) and turning them into a cohesive team. Bring individuals together by motivating partnership and team effort. With a strong group structure in the workplace, your team will cohesively collaborate towards the same goal. And, team building is usually executed through activities. The significance and the function of group structure is to produce a strong group through forming bonds and connections. says it best:
“For a team to work productively, there must be good communication, positive engagement, and a universal sense of trust and respect between all members. Achieving and maintaining an encouraging community normally requires team building.”

Most of the time, team-building activities are awkward, making it difficult to engage each individual genuinely. Therefore, building a cohesive team becomes highly challenging.

But, when appropriately executed, team-building activities can build stronger bonds of friendship and trust amongst team members. And this value can be immeasurable. When employees begin to view their coworkers as people and friends, it is easier for them to problem-solve, communicate, and execute tasks.

Choosing to ignore team-building activities can be detrimental to your bottom line.

According to a Gallup poll, feelings of employee isolation reduce productivity by up to 21%. And, valuing your employees means more than productivity. Showing them that you care about their general well-being will encourage a happier work environment.

This is why you must get creative with your company outings, and consider cooking as your activity.  Your team will appreciate the creativity and new activities.  Also, they will learn new skills in communicating with each other.

Imagine, enjoying your work environment and increasing productivity from participating in a company-sponsored outing like a cooking class. It sounds like a win-win for everyone!

Say goodbye to that dull, awkward team-building activity and say hello to your tailor-made cooking class.

One trick to constructing a solid team is discovering commonalities. And, if there is anything that we all have in common, it is that we must eat food.

In this day and age, almost everyone is a self-proclaimed foodie. But, being a foodie doesn’t have to stop at taking pretty pictures at restaurants. Learning how to cook does not have to be a challenge or feel overwhelming.

Our tailor-made cooking classes offer more than just space and time to perfect a meal, dish, or cooking skill with our expertly trained professional chefs. Learning something new together builds trust and strengthens communication amongst your team. And, if you fail in our kitchen, it is okay! It is just food; we can always make more.

Whether your team is slightly competitive, or they are just ready to challenge themselves to something new, our workshops and classes are a perfect way to engage everyone. Your team will have numerous opportunities to refine their communication skills, problem-solving, listening, and leadership skills before sitting down to eat a delicious meal together.

KEUKENvuur cooking classes for company meetings and workshops!

At KEUKENvuur, it is our pleasure to organize cooking classes for companies in the province of Utrecht. Starting with ten people or more, it is our top priority to make sure you and your team are comfortable in our kitchen.

Whether it is just for a few employees, a department, or the entire company, we can accommodate your needs.

Our workshops are the most popular team-building activity for company meetings and team outings. Our cozy studio is the perfect place to challenge the team, try something new, and eat a fantastic meal together. Plus, we have free parking with ample space around our building which makes it easy for everyone.

We offer tailor-made cooking workshops by theme and local cuisines. And we even provide a variety of tapas cooking classes. Below is a quick overview of our workshops and cooking classes. Feel free to click on each section to view the complete listing for each option.

Theme Workshops

One of our most popular workshops, our theme workshops, is fun and challenging for your team and your palette!

Whether you want to learn how to cook dishes on the Big Green Egg or with chocolate, beer, insects, or whiskey, we have you covered. Let your imagination run wild and taste foods you never thought possible.

Cooking Local Cuisines

At KEUKENvuur, we can cook a variety of local cuisines from all over the world!

Choose from cuisines like Hawaiian, Cambodian, Thai, South African, Cuban, Caribbean, Indian, Dutch, Mexican, and more. This workshop takes, on average, three hours to complete.

Tapas Cooking Classes

 With fresh Spanish ingredients, take your palette to the next level and explore the flavors of Andalusia!

In this cooking workshop, we cook up to 11 different tapas dishes together! It takes approximately three hours to complete and is hosted in our cooking studio so that you can access our entire stock of kitchen tools.

Company Outings with Tailor-Made cooking classes: Our 12 most Frequently Asked Questions.


At KEUKENvuur, with over ten years of experience, we receive several questions from our customers. And, it’s no surprise! We offer several cooking classes and workshops; there are a lot to choose from.

Here are our top 12 most frequently asked questions; we hope they offer additional support as you choose your perfect cooking class:

I want to host a meeting before we start the cooking class. Do you have a meeting space I can rent along with the cooking workshop?

Yes, we can accommodate this need in our facilities. We have a meeting room on-site that is available for rent. This meeting room makes it extremely easy to sit together for a presentation before moving into our kitchen to cook your homemade, fresh meal.

Do you offer different European cooking workshops? Yes, we offer several European cooking workshops.


Are you cooking with insects? Please tell me more. We hear this ALL THE TIME. And it is true; it feels gross to think about. But insects are delicious and are eaten all over the world!

Random fact, according to Statista, “the global market value of edible insects is expected to grow from about 406 million U.S. dollars in 2018 to over 1.18 billion U.S. dollars by 2023. In that period, the North American market is expected to grow by 28 percent, more than any other world region.”

We prepare a three-course meal based on tiobolo worms, buffalo worms, and grasshoppers during the cooking workshop. Click here to learn more.

Do you offer any vegetarian or vegan cooking workshops?

Definitely! In our vegetarian-vegan cooking class, we make six dishes with flavors from all over the world. And, there is an option to create a three-course meal instead. To view the workshop overview, please visit this page.

I am interested in the Whiskey workshop, but I am confused. Do you cook with them or drink them while you cook?

In this workshop, whiskeys from Islay, Lowland, Highland, and Skye are all used to create delicious meals. Yes, we know they are delicious to sip on their own. But, when you cook with them, they create a complex, smoky base for so many different flavors to develop.

I am interested in learning how to cook North American cuisines. What classes do you have to offer? This is a great question. Right now, we offer classes that teach Cuban, Caribbean, Mexican, and Costa Rican cuisines. They are each delicious in their unique ways.

I want to learn how to make Dim Sum. Can you help? Yes, we can!

Although most people don’t know this, Dim Sum means “heart pleasures” or “heart warmers,” which is exactly what these small, delicious packages do.

In our Dim Sum workshop, we work together to create these iconic, small snacks. And, we make enough to fill everyone up so they will never leave hungry. For the complete workshop overview, please click here.

What is included in the Italian cooking class?

It is no surprise that Italian is everyone’s favorite cuisine, even here in Utrecht. In this workshop, we cook pasta, risottos, pestos, and even panna cottas. All by hand, so you will leave knowing how to make it all at home. And, we always use the freshest ingredients. To view more information about the class, please click here.

What dishes do you cook in the Sri Lanka cooking class?

This is a common question. The cuisine in Sri Lanka is not always considered sophisticated, especially when you compare it to other Asian countries. But, there are still exciting flavors to explore and share.

In this workshop, we cook several popular local Sri Lankan dishes with rice, like dal (lentils), chicken, beef, fish, and papadam.

I get a chocolate baking class, but savory food too? When you think of chocolate, what comes to mind?

If it is a bar of your favorite chocolate from the grocery store, then you are in for a treat with the chocolate workshop!

In this class, we work with Saint Domingue 70% and Gana 40% chocolates. Both delicious chocolates by themselves elevate the dishes that we cook together. Have more questions about this class? Click here.

I am most enamored with the Street Food of the Far East. Do you offer any cooking classes or workshops that teach students about Street Food? In our Street Food workshop, we cook several dishes from different cities. These dishes include delicious spring rolls, a sesame shrimp toast, and even a Thai beef salad! Our street food workshop usually lasts three hours. You can find out more about the class here.

What Asian cuisines do you teach? We have a variety of far east cooking courses.

Below is a list, but feel free to find out more here.

Company outing Summary.

Team building does not have to feel like a chore. 

Bringing together your employees over a shared love for food (or eating) makes it easy for everyone to bond and build lasting memories.

And, it will not just be about the meal at the end of the workshop. While cooking together, your group will undoubtedly find opportunities to refine their communication, problem-solving, and listening skills before sitting down to appreciate a tasty homemade dish together.

From Dim Sum showdowns to pasta making to pizza throwing, we have tailor-made cooking classes for your next company outing or team meeting!

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