Make tasty tapas

Make tasty tapas and get started with it  in a fun way? You will make hot tapas during the workshop in our studio in Utrecht. Of course, we have access to all the important cooking utensils there, as well as plenty of space to get started together. We provide professional guidance by an experienced chef, who of course adapts effortlessly to the level at which you would like to cook. Are you getting started with tapas for the first time or have you cooked with it before? We ensure that you can put 10 to 11 delicious dishes on the table together.

Fancy a cooking workshop making tapas in Utrecht? We already do the shopping and can also tell you more about it. For example, are you curious about the properties of the fresh fish and other ingredients that we pay attention to when we buy them for you? We are happy to explain it, so that next time you can also get started in a delicious way with the warm tapas and other dishes that we are working on.

Make tasty tapas in Utrecht

Want to make tapas in Utrecht? We naturally cook with fresh ingredients and prepare both hot and cold dishes. In this way we ensure that you can cook together in a fun way, where we offer all the cooking utensils. Moreover, we provide typical Spanish dishes to create the authentic Spanish feeling. Travel with us to Andalusia, with which we ensure that it will be a culinary experience.

We organize tapas making workshops for both companies and individuals. Is it a company outing or a bachelor party? They are nice occasions, just like a birthday or another special celebration. Of course we can give extra attention to the birthday boy or girl or bachelor, or during the company outing we can ensure that we place more emphasis on the cooperation of the different team members.

Making warm tapas

Want to make delicious hot tapas and wonder how we can get started with it during a workshop? We are happy to tell you more about the typical Spanish dishes, as well as about the fresh ingredients with which they prefer to cook themselves.That way you travel with us to Andalusia and the rest of Spain, where tapas are on the menu almost daily.

Are you curious about what we can organize and how the workshop making tapas is a good idea for you?  Use our cooking class help and we will be happy to explain how we can arrange this for you. We ask you a few questions, on the basis of which we provide a tailor-made workshop. Of course we are happy to take your wishes into account. Making tapas in Utrecht or do you have other questions?

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