At KEUKENvuur we don’t just organize cooking workshops. You can also contact us for an out-of-the-box meeting package. By combining meetings with a stimulating cooking workshop, you get the best out of your team! Why is that and what you can expect from us during keukenvuur’s meeting package? You will find out in this article. 

KEUKENvuur meetings package

Meeting on location is an incredibly effective way to improve business processes. This can manifest itself in various areas within the company. Think of improving communication, processes, collaboration and creative thinking. In addition, the sense of belonging is strengthened by meeting at a unique location. This in turn ensures that productivity in the workplace increases. Meetings on location can be organized in different ways. Think of renting separate co-working spaces, hotel suites, conference rooms or the meeting room at KEUKENvuur in Utrecht!

Meeting package of KEUKENvuur

Self-employed and small businesses often combine a meeting with a cooking workshop from the perspective of creativity. If you meet at a different location than you are used to, there is more room for sharing new ideas. What can you expect from us during such a meeting package? Keukenvuur’s meeting package is designed to stimulate the creativity and collaboration of teams. In addition, during the workshop you will learn more about surprising ingredients and you will get to work with different cutting techniques and preparation methods. In this way you will not only go home with a new dose of knowledge about work, but also with a new dose of knowledge about food and preparation!

Turn a meeting into an educational experience

Meetings are generally not fun, which is why team members often look up to meetings. This does not have to be the case, because if you turn a meeting into an educational experience, you combine work with pleasure. So are you looking for a way to really keep up with a meeting? Then attach a cooking workshop to it and we promise you that the team will not soon forget this day. This in turn ensures that the meeting also stays better, and you benefit from that as a company.

Practical information:

  • At KEUKENvuur there is room for no less than 80 people. Enough space to take the whole company with you!
  • The meeting room is closed off from the cooking areas.
  • It is possible to use a flip chart during the meeting.
  • If necessary, equipment can be rented.
  • The cooking workshop is given immediately after or before the meeting.
  • Drinks are included in the price of the meeting package.


Cooking with the whole work team

Do you want to cook with the whole team and meet before or after the workshop to get the best out of all colleagues? Take a look at all cooking workshops or go for our offer! Isn’t there a workshop that makes your mouth water? Please feel free to contact us for a tailor-made meeting package. Together we ensure that the workshop is fun and educational and is tailored to your company.

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