Meeting packages with cooking class in Utrecht

At Keukenvuur, we offer inspiring meeting packages in a unique location to break away from the daily routine and discover new perspectives. Our meeting packages are perfect for companies looking for effective team building and creative brainstorming sessions. Discover how meeting in an inspiring location not only stimulates creativity but also enhances team spirit and productivity. Additionally, you can combine these meetings with a customized cooking workshop to strengthen the bond among colleagues and improve the overall work atmosphere.

Meeting in an Inspiring Environment

Meeting in an inspiring environment, surrounded by nature and equipped with all amenities, encourages people to think differently. It stimulates the senses and encourages employees to share bold ideas with each other. Our meeting packages include unlimited coffee, tea, and water to ensure high energy levels during the meeting. The availability of charging points and free parking makes it easy for participants to join.

Stimulate Creativity and Team Spirit

As a team leader or HR professional, you are constantly looking for ways to strengthen the team and improve collaboration. When you choose to meet at Keukenvuur, it ensures that people think outside the box more quickly. So, a meeting at a different location not only takes the team out of the usual pattern but also increases productivity!

Our meeting location offers various meeting rooms and halls suitable for both small gatherings and large conferences and symposiums. The available facilities, including a flip-over and WIFI, enable effective meetings and presentations.

Customized Meeting Packages

At Keukenvuur, we offer various customized meeting packages, so you can choose the one that suits all your needs. Whether you’re planning a brief meeting or organizing a multi-day meeting package, we have the options to meet all your requirements.

Meeting with a Cooking Workshop in Our Cooking Studio

In our cooking studio, you’ll find different spaces. This allows you to have separate areas for meetings and cooking. During the meeting, make use of our flip-over, and feel free to let us know if any equipment is needed. We will work with you to ensure the right equipment is rented for the on-location meeting.

Combine the meeting with catering snacks or book a customized cooking workshop after the meeting. Curious about all the possibilities or looking for more information about the costs of a meeting with a cooking workshop? Contact us via the contact form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


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Our meeting packages are designed to make your meeting and cooking workshop a success. Meet in an inspiring environment, stimulate creativity, and enhance your team’s spirit. Call our phone number or fill out our request form to receive more information and reserve your meeting at Keukenvuur. We look forward to working together and creating an unforgettable experience for you and your team!