Menu etiquette how should it actually be. Want to build a nice menu? Then it is wise to think about different delicious ingredients, but you can also take into account for example the colors and various flavors. You need to provide a head, a fuselage and a tail within a menu, as is the case with an aircraft. In addition, you need to maintain the right balance. Do you choose two starters? Make sure you have two desserts to give the whole thing a nice shape.

Combination of colors

It is important within the menu etiquette among other things to take into account the different colors of the ingredients, in order to be able to put together a beautiful whole. Carpaccio, then a tomato soup, stew and finally strawberries with cranberry sauce doesn’t seem like a bad combination, but have you ever thought about what colors this will bring? It’s all red, which makes it smart to add some variety to it.

Build a nice menu

In addition, you need to build the menu in a good way. Make sure you don’t get too carried away with the starters you use, as you should pour a more hearty wine immediately. Take it easy and make sure you have the opportunity to build the menu within the remaining courses, so that you can start serving a little more complexly.

Opt for some fresh and dry or sour flavours during starters, such as a salad or a caper with some turkey or chicken. This also stimulates the appetite, just like when you eat a granny smith, for example.

Menu etiquette how should it actually be

Then you can use the soups such as a broth, or for example a cream soup. Do you have a few courses to go? Then keep it a little lighter and don’t start with it immediately, to avoid being full too quickly or your guests don’t fully appreciate the main course. A forest mushroom soup is then somewhat better suited, among other things because you can naturalize the taste buds.

Then you can unpack with the main course a bit further and with dessert you make sure that there is a fine taste at the end, to think back in a delicious way to the full menu, built up according to the etiquette in this area.


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