Natural dyes instead of synthetic n-chroma wins start-up competition. On a regular basis, start-ups in the Netherlands get the chance to present themselves to the general public. Recently it was wageningen’s turn, where Biorefinery Solutions and N-Chroma, among others, made for an interesting presentation.

Start-up Fest Europe

During the Start-up Fest Europe, Biorefinery Solutions provided a presentation of exactly one minute. The company was able to touch the essence by indicating what it can do for investors and the wider world of stakeholders. The company is trying to extract green proteins from leftovers in the food industry. Recently, for example, a collaboration was started with Mol Fresh Food. Together, the companies manage to extract valuable nutrients from onion peels, which until recently only served as waste.

It is noticeable that we generally associate start-ups with the IT sector, while there is also a lot to discover in the field of nutrition and biotech. For example, in the field of food and agriculture, a great deal is still going wrong and there is a great need for innovation. It is the start-ups that have concrete plans for this and are happy to help change the world.

On average, we throw away a lot and the production methods we use are generally not known to be very environmentally friendly. In this respect, it is time that we give the start-ups a better chance and that they have the opportunity to present themselves to a wide audience.

Among the companies that were allowed to give a presentation were Also Plant-E and FoPo. The first company wins clean energy from plants and was named a promising tech pioneer by the World Economic Forum last year. FoPo stands for Food Powder and works on freeze-dried foods that can be extracted from almost spoiled fruits and vegetables.

N-Chroma as the winner

It was N-Chroma who won the race. The company succeeds in making natural dyes that can serve as a substitute for the synthetic substances in our food. According to the founder and owner, there is a market of one and a half billion dollars. In addition, the company already holds the patents for Europe. The chances are that N-Chroma can develop further or will be bought by a large producer in the field of (healthy) food.


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