We specialize in different local cuisines, as well as specific themes to provide the catering in a special way. We always cater completely according to your wishes and of course also at your location, for example during a party or an event. Are you catering for lunch or a party, for example during a company party or to celebrate your birthday or anniversary in a special way? We cook with 100% fresh ingredients, for catering that perfectly matches your wishes.

We provide catering in the Utrecht region, just like in the rest of the Netherlands. We do this on the basis of Moroccan or Italian cuisine, as well as with delicious Chinese dishes. And are you specifically concerned with party catering or a tasty lunch? We are happy to coordinate the options, so that you can count on delicious dishes that you can enjoy together with your guests. It is the easiest way to properly arrange lunch, drinks or dinner, without having a thing to worry about.

Streetfood, Italian or Tapas?

We inspire with the various tasty dishes, as well as with new flavors that you can get to know in this way. And on the other hand looking for, for example, catering with Italian cuisine? It is both a safe and a very tasty choice, thanks to the dishes that everyone loves and with which you organize a successful event. We cook delicious pasta and make our own pesto, just like a tasty Panna cotta or one of the other dishes.

Would you like a certain local cuisine for catering in Utrecht?

We cook like grandmother in Italy, for catering in Utrecht where you and your guests will lick your fingers.Fancy Chinese or a different local cuisine for catering in Utrecht? We provide the dishes you feel like, by cooking with them in a tasty way.Always based on 100% fresh ingredients, so that in any case will not be the problem. We do this for companies and for individuals, starting from € 40 per person. That way, the catering does not have to be expensive, while you can still count on a tasty meal or a nice drink.

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Party catering service or a nice lunch

Do you fancy party catering in Utrecht or looking for a culinary choice for lunch? We are happy to work with it, always under the guidance of our professional chef. We work on delicious dishes to surprise the guests, or within a specific theme for the rest of the event or party.Do you have something special to celebrate and are you looking for inspiration or is it already clear exactly what the dishes should look like? We are happy to work with it, of course including a particularly successful presentation.

We present the dishes in a tasty way. We serve tapas in authentic Spanish dishes, while for sushi and other specific dishes we use completely different items. In this way, the food comes out great, to make a good impression on the guests. We know how good food tastes and what it should look like. In this way we ensure successful catering in Utrecht, both for a party and, for example, for a lunch.

We have a lot of experience with catering, of course at locations throughout the Netherlands. Is it about catering at your company or for your birthday?We are happy to match the options to the party or event you are organizing. That way we are happy to be of service to you, exactly in the way you have in mind.

Catering for companies and groups

Curious about the possibilities and the way in which we provide catering in Utrecht? This can be done, for example, specifically on the BBQ, as with other typical ingredients or on the basis of a certain local cuisine. We make it a culinary journey to a special destination, with which we would like to inspire you or show you what is possible. On the other hand, we can provide a wide range of dishes based on fresh ingredients, making it very accessible for a large group.

Do you have specific wishes for catering in Utrecht, for example during a Moroccan wedding or for a successful BBQ and drinks? We adapt effortlessly. We prepare delicious dishes and work on location for you with the other ingredients. In this way we ensure that you can enjoy delicious food, together with the guests you invite.

Would you like to know more about our catering in Utrecht and the way we provide it? We will be happy to tell you more about it, or show you examples of other addresses where we have been recently. We work for companies and individuals, for example when they have a party to celebrate. We prepare the dishes, take care of the catering and, of course, tidy everything up for you afterwards. You do not have to worry about it, so that you can enjoy a successful drink or a nice dinner together with your guests. And do you have specific wishes? We are happy to work with it, so it will not be the problem.

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What do you get?

Luxury catering

What does it cost?

You can already use the luxury of our private chef for only € 50 per person (excluding travel allowance and VAT)

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