As soon as we eat meat we often turn to specific parts of a beef or a pig. But what are incourant parts of animals and what happens to them? We use a steak, a rib, ham steak or pork chop, while there are also other parts that we don’t really do anything with. Do we eat chicken? Then we often focus on the drumsticks, the thighs of a chicken, without worrying about the rest of the meat. In this respect, chicken breast is a better choice, as this means that there are less unused or in-order parts of the food. Read this blog obsolete parts of animals and how to cook them

Incourant parts of animals

Whether it is chicken, pig or beef, there are always a number of in-order parts. These are the parts we don’t eat. This includes the organ meat, because there is little flavour to it and we can do very little with it. These include the kidneys, the brain, the sweetbreads, spleen and the tongue. In addition, we do not often eat from the cheeks, the tail, the lung hare or the chinnebak. In this respect, a number of in-line parts of animals remain, after we have removed the meat we like to eat.

Processing of current parts

These current parts can be used in a number of different ways. After the slaughter of an animal and the use of the common parts, for example, we can process the rest into a frikandel, which we then eat without any problems. In addition, a large part of the incourant parts of animals goes abroad, where one knows what to do with it and provides delicious dishes. In this respect, we in the Netherlands do not deal with the meat of the animals we slaughter in a particularly efficient way, as a result of which we kill a relatively large number of animals in order to meet our nutritional needs.

Obsolete parts of animals and how to cook them | What happens to the tongue

Among other things, the tongue belongs to the incourant parts of many animals, although it is quite possible to cook with it. The tongue is one of the most tasty and sensual parts of an animal to prepare, with which you can, for example, put a veal tongue in sour sauce on the table. As a cook, you should peel off the skin of the tongue after cooking, after which it will slide off the meat and keep a warm and soft boiled tongue. You can slice it, so you can put a nice dish on the table with one of the in-order parts of animals.


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