Would you like to organize a halal cooking workshop in Utrecht?  We only use ingredients with a halal label, so you can provide a delicious meal within the Islamic laws. Would you like to organise a cooking workshop with friends or family and provide a meal within the Islamic guidelines, for example so that everyone can enjoy the result and you can work towards it together? We like to take care of the organization, so that everyone can work on his or her qualities in the kitchen.

 Ingredients with the halal label

How do we take care of the ingredients, suitable for a halal cooking workshop? We use ingredients with a halal label. The quality mark applies, for example, to meat of animals slaughtered according to Islamic law. This means, among other things, that the animals must die from a cut to the neck, made with a sharp knife. Halal meat thus stands for blooded meat from a limited number of animals, which usually have to be slaughtered unsedated. In addition, during the slaughter Allah is invoked and a blessing is given by the Imam. Of course, we do not use pigs, frogs, predators, rats and other animals that fall outside the halal labels.

Organize halal cooking workshop with fresh ingredients

Anything that can be seen as good and clean by the Koran can be given the halal label, allowing us to cook during the halal cooking workshop. For example, it is about food from the sea, as well as vegetables, fruit and all drinks. There is an exception for alcohol, so we will not use it. There are a number of halal food labels available, such as halal correct, halal plus and halal tayyib. During the halal cooking workshop, we make sure that we only use halal ingredients, so that we can cook with them together.

Organize a halal cooking workshop in Utrecht

Would you like to book a halal cooking workshop so that you can put a delicious meal on the table together by using the different halal ingredients? We take care of the guidance and tell more about the different ingredients. Together they provide the basis for a delicious meal, which we can enjoy together at the end of the workshop. During the reservation of the cooking workshop, you can indicate that all ingredients must be halal.



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