Overview of the types of wood for the BBQ. Would you like to use wood for the BBQ, for example to give a very specific taste to the meat or fish? You can use spices, but you can also use the smokewood to make the dish to taste. Most of the outlets of this wood can help you with wood chips, although it is even wiser to make use of the chunks that you can add to the fire. Nowadays you can count on a large number of types of wood for the BBQ, with which you can provide delicious chicken.overview of types of wood for the BBQ, for example

Wood for the BBQ

Depending on your preference, you can use different types of wood for the BBQ. For example, opt for apple wood, which gives you a subtle sweet taste that goes well with chicken and pork. Birch is also well suited for this. Do you want to roast big game, or do you use red meat? For example, choose the wood of the oak, which will provide land-burning charcoal or smokewood that will give a firm taste.

You can use grape vine at the moment when you want to provide a rich and fruity taste with poultry, thanks in part to the relatively large amount of smoke. Also maple wood is quite smoky and has a somewhat mild and sweet taste. You can use this for small game as well as poultry, but also for chicken and pork. You can also use cherry wood, which is the favourite for many people. This ensures a mild and fruity taste, which fits well with, for example, poultry, pork and beef.

Overview of types of wood for the BBQ

Are you looking for smokewood for the BBQ? Then you can use a number of different shapes. For example, you can buy shreds, although they generally ignite quickly. Chunks are a lot better suited, as you don’t have to soak them because there will be virtually no water in the wood. Furthermore, you can even use pellets, which you can use both in special BBQ’s, and in a foil envelope with holes on the coals. In this respect, you can use wood for the BBQ in different ways and ensure that a delicious taste will emerge. Get started with the BBQ here you can find some nice recipes BBQ recipes


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