At KEUKENvuur, our professional chefs provide custom experiences party catering. Whether you are cooking with us in a class in our kitchen in downtown Utrecht or catering an event on location or at your home. Call as for a quote 0307370051

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Putting on the perfect event is more than finding the right venue, having a great conversation, and interacting with interesting, engaging attendees. Finding the ideal meal and decor will take your event from a party to a night everyone will remember.

In order to set your event apart, you must find the perfect catering partner to elevate your evening!

Company conference? Wedding anniversary? Birthday celebration? Utrecht is the perfect place to host an event with attractive woodland areas and outstanding availability for weddings and large parties. And, with our kitchens located in the heart of Utrecht, we can support any event downtown or in the surrounding areas.

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KEUKENvuur’s Party Catering Options in Utrecht:

Buffet Catering

Do you have a party coming up, and you envision a beautiful buffet of food in the room?

Whether it is for brunch, lunch, or dinner, we can provide this service! We always make sure to present the dishes in attractive ways that surprise and delight your guests.

Here is how it works: various sorts of meals are placed in metal storage spaces with some fire underneath, heating the food to maintain its warmth until everyone is done eating.

They are organized on tables in the room, and everything is offered as a self serve option for attendees to make their own plate of food. This solution permits the visitors to socialize easily and can genuinely minimize budget plans and time.

Workplace Delivery Catering

Are you looking for lunch catering that can be dropped off in your office? 

We have various options available that we can make ahead of time in our professional kitchen and bring to your workplace or party location.

Feel free to submit a form here with your event details, and we will contact you shortly to discuss options.

Party catering complete treatment

If you need someone to bring in all of the serving utensils, BBQs, and decor, then we can help you.

Our staff is available to set up, serve, and break down the catering for your party. Please contact us directly for a quote. We are happy to be of service to you!

Wedding celebration catering

A wedding event is a sort of occasion that can include various kinds of vendors, depending on how extravagant you have planned the event.

With an essential wedding celebration, you can have the catering services provide a sit-down dinner with dishes and beverages, offering your visitors their faves. You can also opt into choosing passed hors d’ouerves to start the evening along with cocktails. And, if you are looking for something more rustic, you can offer a buffet for your guests to choose their dinner adventure!

No matter what your preference, at KEUKENvuur, we pride ourselves on being flexible and creative. Because of this, we feel confident that we can cater your event precisely to your needs and in a unique way.

Party Catering Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer at-home catering?

Yes, we do! We specialize in providing food from different local and global cuisines in our unique way. We always use 100% fresh ingredients for every dish!

Feel free to submit an event form here, and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss availability.

I am looking for birthday party catering for my father. What types of food can you offer?

Some of our most popular catering options are Italian, Moroccan, and Chinese food. But, if there is something in particular that you have in mind, just let us know. We can accommodate a variety of diets, including low sodium, vegetarian, vegan, and more.

Because we have a staff of creative professional chefs, we feel confident that we can fit any event’s needs. With enough time to create recipes and source ingredients, anything is possible!

Who is responsible for preparing all of your catered food?

We have a team of trained professional chefs responsible for all of our cooking classes and catered events. While planning for your event, we will work with you and our trained chefs to find a menu that matches the event of your dreams.

We always choose 100% fresh ingredients, and our goal is to cook just like your grandmother does. If we can get your guests licking their fingers, then we have done an excellent job!

I am interested in catering a lunch event. Is this something that you could help provide?

It is very common for us to cater a lunch event. We often drop off catered lunches and also offer to serve them if you would prefer.

Some of our more popular lunch items include sushi, sashimi, Italian food, and BBQ that we smoke on our Kamado Joe. Because we know how good food should look and taste, we leave a tremendous impression on your guests.

And, if you are having a themed event, like a Moroccan lunch or Spanish tapas Happy Hour, we are the perfect partner for you! We specialize in global cuisines, and creating a menu aligned to your theme is our comfort zone.


An event is more than just a venue or engaging conversation. To set your next party apart, find the perfect catering partner to provide a delicious, unique, memorable meal.

But, finding a catering option in Utrecht does not have to feel overwhelming; it is full of possibilities. At KEUKENvuur, we are flexible, creative, and deliver delicious meals that turn parties into an evening everyone will remember!

With 100% natural ingredients and menus inspired by our team of professional chefs, we feel confident that we can help create a menu that meets your dreams!

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