Pentecost cooking special what to do with Pentecost?

Traditionally, Pentecost is an important day for amusement parks, residential boulevards and zoos. Whole hordes of families then go out with the children for a day of fun. Nowadays there are many other outings. Music festivals and food truck festivals, for example, are becoming increasingly popular.

But, for every outing: a good start is half the work and a whole day’s walk in the amusement park makes you hungry! In the morning an extensive Pentecost brunch or a nice dinner in the evening? What do you put on the table with Pentecost?

Eating together with Pentecost

At breakfast you come with croissants, fresh rolls and freshly squeezed juice of course a long way. To make it extra special you can add homemade jam or deliciously sweet (Spanish)


Not only breakfast is a great opportunity to sit at the table with Pentecost. A delicious dinner or barbecue  is often a great success. Usually the weather during Pentecost is very good and eating outside is often possible.

Cooking with Pentecost?

Admittedly, not everyone will feel like standing in the kitchen for a long time after a day out. Having a chat with the kids along the MacDonalds or having a nice dinner together is a common ritual during Pentecost.

However, did you know that you can also eat delicious at home, without too much trouble? Good food doesn’t have to be complicated! With some street food  or easy  snacks,  you can easily put all the goodies on the table without having to cook for hours.

Pentecost special what to do with Pentecost?

Pentecost is of course the perfect opportunity to eat together not only with the whole family, but also with the rest of the family. Making food for large groups unfortunately brings a lot of work.

Fortunately, there is a solution! With delicious home catering,  you can even put delicious food on the table for the largest groups of delicious food. Do you choose to keep it intimate? Then go for a  cook at home. Choose the menu together with one of our chefs or be surprised with a delicious dinner.

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