Raw-food hype of the moment ?  Raw-food is still a strange duck in the bite for some, while others walk away with it and don’t want to do otherwise. Is raw food a successful hype, or is it a sustainable trend that we will only have to deal with more in the long run? Let’s put it together.

What is raw-food?

Raw food stands for foods we eat raw, there is no question of cooking or baking. Within raw food, any kind of preparation requiring a temperature of more than 40 degrees Celsius is prohibited. On the other hand, however, that does not mean that within raw food only food is available in the form that Mother Earth has given us. It is allowed to heat food up to a maximum of 38 degrees Celsius, because this is pretty much the usual temperature of our body. This way there is no heating.

Raw-food hype of the moment ? | Pros and cons in a row

Proponents of raw food indicate that the enzymes in the diet are preserved and our body is better able to digest the foods. During baking, cooking or roasting, the enzymes are normally lost and the food ‘dies’, which allows us to get less energy from them.

Among other fruits and vegetables are very healthy, it is important to eat enough of them every day. We know the Disc of Five in the Netherlands to take fruit, for example, although we don’t go as far as raw foodies who take this as the basis for every meal they use. This leads, among other things, to raw food to have a relatively high amount of fibre and healthy nutrients, contributing to the workings of our intestines and stable blood sugar levels.

On the other hand, fruit and vegetables contain relatively low amounts of the important nutrients, which makes it important to eat (very) a lot of them. Raw food is an interesting base in this respect, but it is difficult to take enough of it to satisfy the physical appetite.

It therefore seems important to use raw food in moderation. It is not unwise to eat more of our food raw by, for example, using spinach, kale and walnuts or hemp seeds, provided that other sources of nutrition are also present for a good balance in the diet.


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