Don’t recognize a beautiful fresh scallop like scallop a fresh scallop distinguishing a scallop from a jar? Herman den Blijker is clear about it, he has nothing to do with the cheap version in a jar. He prefers the scallops St. Jacques from Erguy and Saint Brieuc in Brittany. These have the best possible taste experience, despite being the same scallops that can also be found in Scotland and Norway.

It is striking that it is precisely this scallop that is considered a positive exception by the cook, because the French scallops are generally known for the additional cleaning work that needs to be done. The scallops are fished there with trawls, which means that there is a relatively large amount of sand in them. That is not the case with scallops from Norway and Scotland, where they are fished by hand.h

The tastiest part of the scallop

Regardless of the chosen (fresh) scallop, the muscle that opens the shell halves and closes the tastiest part. The cook will generally mash the orange ‘bag’ with roe and use it to flavour the sauce. It is also possible to dry this in the oven.

When purchasing fresh scallops, it is especially important that the shell is well closed. It is clear that it has not been tampered with and that the shell is not dead. After opening the scallop, it is important that the muscle contractes visibly. The best scallops are held shut with an elastic, with the large shells being the most interesting. They contain most of the meat.

The scallops from pot don’t come close in any way. This is partly due to the fact that they melt on the tongue, causing them to be crushed against the palate.

Hearty fresh scallop | recognize a beautiful scallop not comparable to scallop meat

You can’t do that with a fresh scallop, so it takes some strength to crush it. It indicates that the meat has a more sturdy character, which greatly benefits the structure and the final experience of the scallop. A well-cooked scallop then gets a caramelized crust and meat that will be a bit translucent. It ensures that the scallop creates a unique experience and with both the taste and the presentation ensures that the variant from a jar is not comparable to it in any way.


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