Team building outings can be a great way to strengthen the bond between employees and create an unforgettable experience. It can also be a great way to retain your workforce, as it allows them to get to know each other better and build relationships outside of the workplace. This is important, because people who can also get along well with each other outside of work are less likely to resign.

Team building activities give employees the opportunity to work together in an environment free of stress and pressure. They are designed to help employees get to know each other better, build trust, practice communication skills, and develop problem-solving skills. So, with the right outing, you can create an unforgettable experience that will allow you to retain the staff for years to come. How do you do that? Then you will discover in this article.

Take team building to the next level

Team building is an essential part of any successful organization. It helps to create a sense of unity and camaraderie within the team, which can lead to better performance and better results. There are many activities that teams can do together, such as outdoor activities, group games, and team building exercises. These activities can help teams build bonds on a deeper level and build trust in each other. However, the traditional team outings are not always designed to promote collaboration. That is why KEUKENvuur has developed an arrangement in which cooperation between team members is central.

Organize staff outings to strengthen teams

A staff outing is a great way to strengthen teams and boost morale. It allows team members to get to know each other better and build relationships outside of work. It also provides the opportunity for team members to learn from each other and explore new ideas in a relaxed environment. If you also ensure that everyone goes home with a new dose of knowledge, then the team outing will 100% certainly succeed.

Organizing a staff outing can be an effective way to increase productivity, creativity and morale in the workplace. In addition, by planning activities that are fun and engaging for everyone involved, you can foster collaboration, trust, and respect among team members. The outing also gives staff shared experiences that they can take with them to the office. For example, the conversation at the coffee machine is about something other than the weather.

Retain staff with an unforgettable team outing

Team outings are a great way to retain staff and build morale within an organization. It’s also an effective way to show appreciation for the hard work of employees. With an unforgettable team outing, you create lasting memories that make your employees feel valued and connected to the company. This not only ensures that employees have the opportunity to have fun, but also ensures that employees continue to work at a company for longer. This is due to the following reasons:

  • By organizing periodic, well-planned staff outings,  employees feel valued;
  • staff outings create a stronger bond with the company and colleagues in different departments;
  • staff outings make managers and executives human;
  • employees get the chance to get to know all the people within a company in an accessible way;
  • memorable staff outings create a shared memory.


Organizing a team outing with the experts of KEUKENvuur

Team outings don’t have to be expensive or elaborate. They can be as simple as a picnic in the park or an afternoon at the beach. Whatever kind of outing you choose, it should be organized with the staff in mind and tailored to their interests and preferences. With careful planning, you can put together an unforgettable team outing, helping to maintain staff morale and loyalty. How do you do that? By working together with KEUKENvuur on the development of a tailor-made cooking workshop.

Tailor-made cooking workshop

With a tailor-made cooking workshop you create an educational and tasty experience for everyone. It’s a great way to bring everyone together, whether it’s for team building or just for fun. You can create a themed workshop that suits the company. For example, do you work in the IT sector and do you regularly solve bugs ? Then cooking with insects might be a nice nod to the work. Do you work in elderly care? Then, for example, it is fun to learn to cook without salt. With the right ingredients and tools, you ensure that the cooking workshop is both educational and fun for everyone involved.

The cooking studio offers space for up to 100 people. This means that you can come and cook with us with the whole team, the entire department or even the entire company! You can easily reach the cooking studio by public transport, but if you come by car, free parking is also available. You don’t have to think about the cooking workshop itself. Based on your wishes and expectations, we design a tailor-made cooking workshop. And the drinks? These are included in the price!

Prefer to follow a theme workshop?

That is also possible! At KEUKENvuur we have a variety of cooking workshops in which a specific theme or a specific kitchen is central. In addition, we periodically choose a cooking workshop that is offered at a considerable discount. So do you have to pay attention to the little ones, but do you want to create an unforgettable team outing to retain staff? Then go for the special! At the moment, Malaysian cuisine is  central.

Curious about which cooking workshops we offer? On our website you will find an overview of all cooking workshops. After watching all the workshops, do you have no idea which workshop it will be? Then you can use our decision aid. By answering a few simple questions, the decision aid shows which cooking workshop suits you best. Can’t figure it out yet? Please contact our chef. He is happy to help you organize a cooking workshop for the whole team.

Preliminary tests with the staff association

A staff association is an organization that is engaged in representing the interests of employees. They offer their members a platform to make their voices heard and thus strengthen the rights they have as employees. Staff associations also provide various services such as advice, support and training to their members. They also help manage labor disputes and other issues that workers may face. In short, a staff association is there to help employees maintain their rights and to strengthen the bond between employees and the company.

The staff association is also responsible for organizing outings to bring teams closer together. Do you want to pre-test with the staff association? Then this is possible at KEUKENvuur. Simply book the cooking workshop you have in mind for the whole team, but for the number of people within the staff association. This way you can experience in advance how a cooking workshop works, what you learn and how cooperation between team members is promoted. During this test workshop it is also possible to discuss ideas and make changes to the workshop. This way we work together on a unique cooking workshop that benefits everyone!

Would you like to know more about how a team outing can ensure that staff stay longer? Contact us now to discuss the organization of an unforgettable team outing with us. Then we ensure that the entire team makes memories that will be talked about for years to come! 

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