A food safe BBQ should be the first priority of any enthusiast, it is important to avoid spoiling, undercooked meat and cross-contamination. However, not everyone is aware of the risks and dangers, so butchers are increasingly choosing to give useful tips. The Nutrition Centre also puts a detour in the bag, for example by indicating that it is not wise to leave the purchased meat in the car for a long time. Instead, it is better to go to the butcher last, or drive directly past the house to put the meat away chilled. Why this blog safely barbecue with helpful tips

 Use a cooler bag during groceries

Does it seem difficult to go to the house after the butcher and cool the meat? In this case, it is possible to bring a cooling bag, possibly in combination with cooling elements. This makes it easier to keep the meat at the ideal temperature, so that there will be no spoiling. It is possible to organize a food-safe BBQ, where the meat can go on the barbecue from the chilled environment and form a good base.

Pre-cooked barbecue meat buy safe barbecuing with handy tips

In addition, it is wise to make as much use as possible of pre-cooked barbecue meat at the butcher. Especially at a BBQ it is not always clear how long the meat has been on the grid and whether it is already cooked. It is wise to always cut chicken and check for colour, but other pieces of meat also benefit from a pre-garnish by the butcher. It makes it possible to organize a food-safe BBQ and also to provide a delicious plate full of meat more easily.

Safely barbecue with helpful tips | Advice on preventing cross-contamination

Finally, the Nutrition Centre advises butchers to give more advice regarding cross-contamination. It is important to both store and prepare the meat in a good way. In this way, the specialists of the BBQ can prevent a cross-contamination through mutual contact and the meat is still of good quality when it goes on the barbecue. BBQ’s is very nice and cozy, thanks to the food-safe BBQ with some handy precautions no one suffers from the known abdominal pain or other health problems the next day. Tasty dessert recipe for the BBQ Brazilian pineapple


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