Street food is so popular that it has been taken off the streets by several restaurants in major cities. You will find several restaurants known for their street food and no longer even serve ‘normal’ food.Street food: hip, tasty and easy!

But what exactly is street food? Why is street food different from the hamburger you get on the market, or the bun döner you sometimes come across after a night out? Why is it so popular? And how can you make your own street food?

The history of street food: closer than you think… Although most people think that street food is something of the last few years, there is a history behind it. And that history is simpler and more familiar than you think. Because are we all not familiar with a hamburger sandwich, a herring, a french fries with mayo, or a portion of kibbeling? And while we’re at it, let’s not forget the chocolate donut and the apple flap!

More recently, but also popular for decades, are additions from Turkish and Moroccan cuisine. A sandwich, lahmacun or dürüm, filled with döner, kebab or shawarma is one of the favourites in Dutch nightlife. However, there is a difference from the classic street food we describe here and the hip new street food that has made its appearance in recent years.

Street food skips from abroadWhat is not new is street food in the nightlife. What is new is street food in restaurants and culinary matters. Just like street food at music and food festivals, at parties, dinners, weddings and other parties. Street food has only become really popular here in recent years. Moreover, the type of street food has changed considerably.

In terms of choice, it has been quick: Pad Thai from Bangkok, Dim Sum from China, Burritos from Mexico, Satay from Malaysia, Tapas from Spain, Sushimi from Japan and bagels from New York. These are just a few examples from hundreds of dishes that have come to the Netherlands from all over the world. Nowadays it’s hip to serve street food at your own party. Some people even cater their entire wedding with street food.

Street food: hip, tasty and easy!

Making street food Streetfood has become so popular that well-known brands like Conimex even take it to the supermarket. Unfortunately, the choice remains a bit limited and these dishes are especially suitable to serve at the table. Not really handy for a party so! Do you want to make your own street food for a party where everyone brings something tasty? Or do you organize your own party and want original snacks? Then you can make your own street food! The great thing about street food is that it is not only original and tasty, but also very easy to prepare.


A few short tips:

  • Start white something easy . Some tasty tapas or some simple patties  often do very well.
  • Check our our street food recipe database for a good dose of inspiration and make it easy for yourself!
  • Check out our street food cooking workshop! Choose from variants like Dim Sum,  Tapas,  Sushi & Sashimi or just make street food from around the world. Not only will you learn how to make the most delicious street food, but you will also enjoy your own made street food.

Street food is expected to become even more popular in 2019. It’s time to start using street food yourself! Don’t feel like making your own street food, but enjoying all the goodies? Take a look at our catering options. We like to think along to prepare the best snacks!

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