summer game: game for the sun

Normally wild food is eaten when the leaves turn yellow and almost fall off the trees, or when there is a good pack of snow. What many people don’t know, however, is that you can also enjoy game in the summer. Not only is there plenty of game available in the summer, some species of game are even at their best in the summer!

Species of game

Traditionally, in game you quickly think of pheasants, partridges, deer and wild boar. These species of game are often shot and eaten in the autumn. Although you can also get these varieties in the freezer, they are often not nearly as tasty.

For the true game lover, however, there is also plenty of summer game to be found in addition to the traditional game!

Deer buck

The deer buck is the adult male of the deer. Because the deer population in the Netherlands is still increasing considerably, there is plenty of hunting and there is plenty of roe deer available. The meat is tender and juicy and tastes different from traditional game. This is because the deer eat crops other than wild in winter during the period they are shot.

Fallow deer

Like the deer, the fallow deer is a deer species. Fallow deer are slightly larger than roe deer and have a slightly more spicy taste. They are perfect for stewing and you prefer not to bake them brown, because then they are much less tender.

Wild duck

Although the wild duck is also shot in the autumn, it is often at its best in August and September. The meat of the wild duck is dark red and especially the wild duck that is shot in the summer is nice and lean. The advantage is that you can prepare duck in different ways. This summer game tastes very good in combination with a fruit-based sauce or a compote.

Game from abroad

Where we used to eat mainly game from the Netherlands, nowadays there is also plenty of tropical game available. When it’s summer in the Netherlands, it’s winter somewhere else in the world. Again somewhere else it is spring or autumn and due to the import you can eat

game all year round from all seasons. But what do you have to think about when you’re playing game from abroad?

Actually, it’s pretty simple: we already know most of the game that comes from abroad. The game that is shot in the Netherlands often ends up on the plates of hunters or restaurants. The game bought by consumers is more often from abroad.

For the true enthusiast, however, there is also some exotic summer game available. How about blesbok, wildebeest, zebra or kangaroo? Although you usually can’t get this game in the supermarket or at the butcher’s, it pays to eat in a restaurant where they do serve it.

Summer wild for the sun

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