The eco-friendly solar oven and more sustainable solutions for cooking

The eco-friendly solar oven (solar cooking) makes the kitchen a bit more sustainable. The oven is made of harmful plant waste and ensures that it is possible to prepare dishes based on solar energy. The mastermind behind the project is Jeroen Willems, a student of industrial engineering at the Erasmus University in Brussels. He went to Africa for his thesis, where he worked with Kenyan collaborators to work in Kisumu, Kenya on Lake Victoria on a solar oven that uses harmful plant waste to cook in a sustainable way.environmentally friendly solar oven and more sustainable solutions to cooking

Student together with Kenyan staff

It was Jeroen Willems who managed to create a perfectly functioning solar oven, mainly made of dried water hyacinths. It is a fast-growing plant with harmful waste, which can be used in this way very usefully. The oven uses the energy of the sun and can reach a temperature of 130 degrees Celsius in a sunny climate.

That means that an average family in Kenya can save up to 10,000kg of firewood, using an oven that responds to the heat the sun emits.

Awards for sustainable invention

Jeroen Willems’ research and construction of the solar oven was picked up by a number of different agencies. His thesis was nominated for the Flemish thesis prize and he received the IE prize from in the category energy, climate, environment and nature. The website is for engineers and technology professionals, who recognize that Willems has developed a special device that can also help to convert the restrictions in countries like Kenya into opportunities. More information can be found at

Eco-friendly solar oven and more sustainable solutions to cooking

The solar oven is a good example of a durable device, which, like other computer-controlled machines, ensures that we can work on the future in an innovative way. It is possible with the solar oven to prepare food in a very sustainable way.

Preparing sustainable food

Thanks to its good functionality, the oven works in a similar way to a regular model, even though it reaches temperatures of ‘only’ 130 degrees Celsius. However, this is more than enough to be able to prepare typical meals, so that one can make good use of this, for example in Kenya and the rest of Africa. Another way of sustainability is to build a solar oven solarcookeryourself.


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