The food trends for 2017:3D Food printing and breeding farms.The new year has begun, time to list the food trends for 2017. What can we expect in the kitchen next year? The trend of robotisation in the kitchen will continue, we will heat more sustainably with a solar oven and we will find alternatives in farm farms through seaweed and cultured meat. Not to mention 3D printing!

Robotisation in the kitchen

Robotisation is becoming increasingly important in our lives, including in the kitchen. There are already possibilities to print food, by means of the 3D printer. The number of possibilities will increase further, making us less dependent on natural ingredients. Instead, we ‘print’ the ingredients we need to be able to put them full of nutrients on our plate in the perfect shape. 3D printing makes it clear that there is still all kinds of innovation possible in the kitchen, 2017 will be a good year in that area.

Heating with a solar oven

At the same time, we are looking both in the kitchen and outside for more sustainable sources for, for example, the heating of dishes. The oven is excellent for baking or grilling, but requires a lot of (grey) energy. Cooking on more sustainable green power is already a step forward, but in 2017 the solar oven will break further. We use it the power of the sun, to heat our dishes to the desired temperature. The sun emits huge amounts of energy, from 2017 we will be able to make smarter use of it in the kitchen.

The food trends for 2017 3d printing and breeding farms

Finally, within the food trends of 2017, we will increasingly use seaweed from cultured and cultured meat. We have not all heard of it, but this is slowly changing. We need to look for alternative sources of nutrients, to avoid depleting the natural resources. This applies to both plant products and animal products. Seaweed from cultured and cultured meat are two good examples of products from farm farms, which from 2017 can help us look at food and important nutrients in a different way.


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