What are the hip restaurants serving this year? What do foodies prefer to see on their plate in 2016? And what will food bloggers experiment with in the coming year? Last year, cauliflower, superfoods and so-called forgotten vegetables have been popular ingredients. New, exciting ingredients will be added this year. Curious about the food trends of 2016? You can read more about it in this article.

High Tech food

Technological developments are increasingly being used to make the cultivation of food even faster and more efficient. With the help of the latest technological gadgets, farmers are alerted when it is the best time to harvest and sow and the most ideal conditions are created in sheds for growing tasty food.

Eating together

Food is becoming more and more of a social activity. In restaurants we increasingly see that small tables for two have to make way for long tables where everyone can sit down. Food trucks gather at real food festivals, where people come to enjoy tasty snacks and each other’s company.

Breakfast all day long

In the morning a plate of porridge, in the afternoon a cheese sandwich and in the evening you slide at the table for a hot meal. These standard meals will be completely mixed up in the coming year. Many eateries have already decided to serve various meals throughout the day. From the lunch menu you can also order in the evening and breakfast with a warm soup is no longer uncommon. One of the main reasons is that we are increasingly looking for a 24-hour economy. Office hours are often no longer standard from 9 to 5 and our meals are adapted accordingly.

Special ingredients

In the beginning we had to get used to eating superfoods, nowadays they are almost no longer to think of the Dutch shelves. Especially the Acai bes is eaten a lot and we see regularly in 2016. Think, for example, of a bowl full of yoghurt with acai berries or an acai smoothie. In addition, we will undoubtedly eat a lot of seaweed this coming year. But because seaweed fishing is actually very bad for the environment, locally grown seaweed is our preference. Another surprising food trend is eating fermented vegetables. With the help of healthy bacteria, a chemical reaction is created, giving you an even more intense taste experience. We combine these fermented snacks with a spicy sauce or dip with influences from Mexico and Southeast Asia.

Less meat

In recent years, meat has become less and less popular in Dutch cuisine. Nowadays there are so many alternatives that meat is almost no longer eaten. Eating meat has been given a bad reputation by all the appalling conditions that many animals live in, the negative protection it has on the environment and the scary diseases that occasionally arise in the flesh. Instead of meat we mainly eat a lot of vegetables and sometimes combined with a tasty soy burger or other vegetarian meat substitute.

Enjoy your meal!


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