Culinary developments and food innovations are constantly changing. There are always new flavors and textures to discover, and trendy cooking techniques play an important role in this. In this article we will discuss the food trends of the moment, so that after reading this article you can also experiment with new cooking techniques. Discover the latest food trends in your own kitchen or book a workshop at KEUKENvuur to learn how to cook from a real chef!

The latest food trends are all about alternatives

One of the most striking developments in the world of food innovations is the increase in plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy. More and more people are choosing to consume less meat and dairy, which has led to a growing range of tasty and nutritious vegan products. From plant-based burgers to vegan cheese, there are more and more options to enjoy.

Fermented food

Fermented food is an emerging food trend where natural fermentation processes are used to preserve food and improve taste. During this process, microorganisms, such as bacteria, yeasts and fungi, are used to convert sugars and carbohydrates into alcohol, vinegar and lactic acid.

This not only creates a unique taste, but also a number of health benefits. For example, fermented foods are full of good bacteria that are beneficial for digestion and the immune system. Some examples of fermented foods are yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir and kombucha. With this emerging food trend, it is becoming easier to put healthy and tasty dishes on the table.

Trendy cooking techniques

Trendy cooking techniques are an important part of today’s culinary developments. One of the most notable techniques is sous-vide cooking, in which food is vacuum packed and slowly cooked in water at a constant, low temperature. This results in an even cooking and preservation of taste and texture.

Smoking food is also becoming increasingly popular. You use various types of wood chips to create a unique smoky taste. Other trendy cooking techniques include the use of nitrogen to freeze ingredients, and molecular cooking, which uses chemical processes to prepare dishes. Thanks to these trendy cooking techniques, the culinary world remains innovative and challenging.

Sustainability and reduction of food waste

Finally, there are emerging food trends that focus on sustainability and reducing food waste. For example, chefs are increasingly experimenting with the use of ‘forgotten vegetables’ and devising creative ways to reuse food waste. As a result of these developments, the world of food innovations is becoming increasingly interesting and challenging.

In short, culinary developments and food innovations are constantly changing and there is always something new to discover. By using trendy cooking techniques and experimenting with emerging food trends, the culinary world remains innovative and exciting. Do you want to learn the latest techniques under the guidance of a chef?

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