The key ingredient for a party at home

Imagine it’s summer and the sun is shining. You sit in the garden with friends and it’s very cozy. The drinks are cold and the atmosphere is good. Maybe you have a reason for the party, but maybe you don’t. That doesn’t matter either because it’s fun and everyone’s having a good time.

Socialising makes you hungry

Of course, food is also part of a party at home. Good food adds to the atmosphere and can make a barbecue, birthday, wedding day or anniversary even more fun. Depending on the occasion and the amount of guests, you can of course provide the catering yourself.

Sometimes you are especially in the kitchen the day before to make all kinds of snacks. Maybe you make a big pan with food and a big salad, or just spread 200 sandwiches by hand. Other times, in addition to blowing up dozens of balloons, you’re baking dozens of pancakes for your son or daughter’s children’s party. Unfortunately, there is a downside: no matter

Delicious recipes for a party at home

Of course you’re safe with a good portion of bitterballs, self-lugged sandwiches and other snacks and snacks. However, sometimes you just want to put something else on the table. In that case, you can unpack with the recipes on our site. How about:

Whatever you’re looking for, our recipe collection is guaranteed to inspire you!

Want to make your own or catering or do you need help?

Let’s face it: often organizing a party and entertaining your guests takes enough time. Another time you just want to enjoy the opportunity, have time to talk to your guests and not be in the weather all the time to arrange the food.

Whatever your reason, sometimes it’s easier to arrange home catering. You are free to enjoy yourself and a cook ensures that all those present do not lack anything.

At Keukenvuur we like to think along to create the perfect catering for your party. Of course, there’s a bit of inspiration here too! How about  a French themed evening, a Dutch lunch or a fully catered 6-course dinner? Or don’t you throw a party during the day? Maybe a  luxury lunch is an option!

Curious how we can make your party even more fun (and tastier)?   Contact us for advice or a non-committal quote!

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