The mushroom season is a wonderful season to go out into nature and pick mushrooms yourself. In our garden we are generally not so happy when mushrooms start to grow, but as a true foodie it is wonderful to go into nature. Make sure to look for the familiar mushrooms you can eat, such as the porcini mushrooms, the chestnut bulb and the chanterrel. Make sure you have good equipment and of course don’t pick too much during the mushroom season, to prevent others from leaving nothing.

Equipment while picking

During the mushroom season it is at least wise to dress well. Especially during the months of September and October you can go into nature. At least bring a knife to cut off the mushrooms. Make sure you have a termmination guide with you and cut off the mushrooms only when you are 100% sure you can eat them. With a magnifying glass, you make sure that you can get a good look at the mushrooms, to see if you can pick them, or that you can leave them better.

Well-known mushrooms you can pick

During the mushroom season you can look for mushrooms to pick mushrooms yourself. Preferably with someone who already has a bit more experience with that. For example, pick the porcini mushrooms by cutting it off neatly. It is a mushroom from the boleten family, known for its hearty meat. The smooth hat can be 5 – 25cm in size and is light to maroon.

Another mushroom you can pick during the mushroom season is the chestnut bulb. This mushroom also belongs to the same family, but is a lot smaller with the size of the hat of 5 – 10cm. The tubes are pale white at first, but become a bit yellowish or greenish as the mushroom starts to become parents, or teal after a bruise.

Thirdly, during the mushroom season you can cut off the chanterrel. This is also called in English as the ‘gourmet mushrooms’, because of the delicious structure and the fine taste of it. The mohawk is the most famous species, with a pale yellow color. The hat will be about 10 – 15cm in diameter and initially the hat will be domed, with a curled edge.

Cooking workshop

Enthusiastic about cooking, or want to get started culinary? Sign up for a seasonal cooking workshop and learn how to prepare the crop. Or how you can provide delicious street food during a party, for example. During the cooking workshops you will get an explanation about preparation methods and foods, but above all we will get started with different ingredients and dishes.

Sign up here directly for one of the cooking workshops on open registration, or give this as a gift to someone else who likes to be in the kitchen. If you want to get started with forest mushrooms yourself at home, click on the link for the recipe of our mushroom soup.



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