The origin of the burger. Americans will shout the loudest that the hamburger has its origins there; however, the facts show otherwise. The hamburger’s origins go back to the Mongolian empire of the 13th century. However, it has been the Americans who have made the steak popular and ensured that we have the opportunity to enjoy it all over the world.

Meat between the saddle and the horse

However, it was the Mongols who first chose to work a piece of meat in such a way that something like a hamburger was born. There was no big chains where the burgers flew over the grill in a dozen, it was a steak between the saddle and the horse they were riding. In this way they made sure that the steak became nice and tender in order to eat it raw. During the Russian conquests, the steak tartare was born, because the Russians identified the Mongols as Tartars.

Hamburg as a namesake for the steak

The steak tartare managed to make the crossing to Western Europe around 1600, when it was the Russians who took the later burger to Hamburg on the Baltic Sea. It was one of the places where people immediately loved the flat and raw slice of beef. It was the people of Hamburg who decided to fry the meat lightly and provide a further form of preparation. As a result, the slice of meat became known as ‘Hamburg style’, something that was later reduced to a ‘Hamburger’.

Hamburger grown up in America | the origin of the burger

It was then the German immigrants in America who took the hamburger and made sure that the slice of beef could start its great advance. It was Delmonico’s in New York that put the burger on the menu in 1830, although the true advance in combination with the sandwich did not take off until 1900. The origin of the hamburger as we know it today is not entirely clear in that respect. There are several companies that claim the genesis, the fact is that the first idea was suggested far outside America.


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