The origin of the pizza ‘La pizza’ one of the most famous dishes from Italy, whose origins are in Napoli. It was originally a dish for the poor. A pizza consisted of dough of flour and water, in combination with tomatoes. Later, the well-known cheese was added, as well as numerous ingredients to compose a delicious pizza. The exact origin of the pizza has several stories, relating to the Middle Ages or the Etruscans. The fact is that in Napoli in the 17th century people started making pizzas, which then evolved into how we know them today. this blog tells you more about the origin of pizza and its origins.

Cheap pizzas as fast food for a new generation

Pizzas are food for the poor for a long time, thanks to the low cost and easy to bake a pizza. Today, the pizza stands for a form of fast food, with which we can easily provide a meal. The pizza ensures a full-fledged meal, combined with a low price and an opportunity for smooth eating.

Pizza in Italian colours for Margherita the origin of pizza and its origin

In the history of the pizza it was a visit of King Umberto I to Napoli that made a breakthrough in Italy. Umberto’s wife, Margherita of Savoia, had gone with him for the occasion, because she was curious about the now famous pizza. The pizza bakers made a pizza Margherita especially for her in the colors of the Italian flag, a revolutionary recipe. Today, pizza Margherita is still a popular choice among many people, all thanks to her visit to the city where it all began. Do you want to make the best pizzas yourself? here you can find our basic recipe for a dessert pizza.



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