The season for fruits de mer has arrived! Do you always enjoy fruits de mer, a delicious dish in which different seafood meets? It is French for fruits from the sea, i.e. the seafood as we know it. In general, it is a cold dish, in which different raw and cooked types of fish come together. In combination with the seafood you can use a cocktail sauce, lime sauce or mignonette sauce.

Fruits de mer serve the season for fruits de mer has arrived

Fruits de mer serve most cold, generally as a platter on a bed of ice. It is customary to serve the fruit platter just above the table, using an elevated standard. It is possible to leave the shellfish in their shell, as well as to open them in advance to save space and present more seafood.

What does fruits de mer consist of?

Fruits de mer consists of a number of different seafood. These include oysters and prawns, both shellfish which play an important role. In addition, you can count on lobster and prawns, just like crab or mussels. The virgin palm and langoustine can also be part of it, as can scallops and cockles. In this way, fruits de mer form a plateau of delicious shellfish.

Do you want to prepare your own fruits de mer? With a cooking workshop, we like to make sure that you can learn more about, for example, the different types of oysters and how you can prepare them. In this way, you can learn more about the different types of shellfish and the sauces that provide a light aroma. We give useful tips to prepare your own fruit de mer, so that you can also work with them at a later time to surprise the rest of the family or your friends. Recipe for mignonette sauce  for a platter of fruit de mere. Something different for the oysters  beet vinaigrette!



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