Although the warmest weeks are now over, summer does not seem to be coming to an end for the time being. With this warm weather it is often too hot to stand in the kitchen for long and many of your guests will be grateful if you make something other than a big, hot meal. That’s why summer is the perfect time for a delicious summer salad! A summer salad not only takes little effort to make, it also lies nice light on the stomach.

Inspiration for a summer salad

With a summer salad you can happily go all the way! How about the following variations:

A nice pasta salad. There are numerous variations of this available. A pasta salad with spring onions and cervate or chorizo? A nice salad with salmon? Or do you want to unpack a little more and go for a salad with feta cheese and smoked paprika mayonnaise?

Vegetarian salad
Because vegetables are the basis of many salads, they are often ideally suited for vegetarians.

How about a nice salad with goat cheese? Or do you turn it into a vegan salad with quinoa and avocado?

Salad with fish
Also fish is an excellent ingredient for salads. A delicious mackerel salad can be put together in an instant and classics such as tuna or salmon always work well in salads. Want something more exotic? Then opt for our Vietnamese salad of mango and dried jellyfish.

Fruit salad
Of course, not every salad has to be a main course. Especially at the barbecue you can easily work wonders with a simple fruit salad. A fruit salad can be as simple as pouring pieces of fruit into a bowl and pouring some fruit juice into it.

Hussar salad, beef salad and potato salad
Many people always put down a number of trays with these salads at a barbecue. Most of the time they come from the supermarket Did you know that you can also make these salads yourself? Not only are you much more original with this. It’s also a lot tastier and healthier!

As you can see, you can go all the way with a summer salad during hot weather. It doesn’t matter if you want to make a meal salad or just a side dish, with a salad you get it all done!

Summer salad at the barbecue

As a counterpart to the salad in the summer, of course, we all know the barbecue. This is the only hearty meal we’ll eat more of when the weather gets warmer! Fortunately, the salad and the barbecue are excellent to combine.

At Keukenvuur we love good food and in the summer there is of course a nice barbecue. That’s why we developed the BBQ cooking workshop especially for all barbecue lovers in the Netherlands, where we get started with the Big Green Egg to make the best barbecue dishes.

Not only make delicious salads, but also set up a delicious barbecue? Take a look at our BBQ cooking workshop!




Als tegenhanger van de salade in de zomer kennen we natuurlijk allemaal de barbecue. Dit is de enige stevige maaltijd waarvan we juist meer gaan eten als het warmer weer wordt! Gelukkig zijn de salade en de barbecue uitstekend met elkaar te combineren.

Bij Keukenvuur zijn we gek op lekker eten en in de zomer hoort daar natuurlijk ook een lekkere barbecue bij. Daarom ontwikkelden we speciaal voor alle barbecueliefhebbers van Nederland de BBQ kookworkshop waarbij we aan de slag gaan met de Big Green Egg om de lekkerste barbecuegerechten te maken.

Niet alleen lekkere salades maken, maar ook een overheerlijke barbecue neerzetten? Neem dan eens een kijkje bij onze barbecue workshop!

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